Nordic Touring 'Off Track' Holidays

Off-track touring in Norway is a wonderful way to explore the winter mountains on skis away from the marked and pressed trails. We take you on a journey through the wilderness where the reindeer roam, and the wide open spaces beckon. Nordic ski touring is a joy, and opens up a whole world of routes and trails through the landscape.  


  • Get off the beaten track and into the wild yonder
  • Explore the winter mountains away from the trails
  • Create your own fresh tracks in virgin snow
  • Enjoy staying in remote, inaccessible mountain huts

 Off-track touring means skiing away from any prepared tracks. It uses many of the techniques of 'classic' style track touring, but with a few added extras! It requires a robust approach to travelling through the snowy landscape, with emphases on turning and controlling speed in what might be quite deep snow. The skis will be wider than those used for our track skiing holidays, and the boots will be chunkier and warmer. A number of the trips will also see you carrying all you need in your lightweight rucksack. This in our view is to be savoured! It is great to un-clutter and realise you can survive with all your needs on your back. Off-track can also mean you see more wildlife as we explore areas which are more remote.

For a greater understanding of the various disciplines please refer to our Cross Country Ski Guide or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  


A selection of our most popular Nordic Touring 'Off Track' Holidays

8 DaysDURATION Nordic Touring 'Off Track'GRADE £1495FROM

Skarvheimen Traverse


A wonderful first experience of Norwegian hut-to-hut ski touring. This trip has relatively short days which makes it a relaxed option. We ski south to north, on a stunning point-to-point tour through the Hallingskarvet mountains, across the high plateaux and wild, craggy hill country of the Skarvheimen.

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