Nordic Touring 'Off Track' Holidays

Nordic 'off-track' skiing is simply cross-country skiing away from marked and pressed trails. Our hut-to-hut 'off-track' tours in Norway offer a wonderful experience of challenge and adventure. Journey through an arctic wilderness carved out by glaciers, ski across frozen lakes and wide open spaces where the reindeer roam. We are the only adventure holiday company to be recognised by the British Association of Snowsport Instructors as a Nordic Ski School.


  • Get off the beaten track and ski in a real arctic wilderness
  • Add to and develop your ski touring skills and techniques
  • Experience ski heritage with true hut-to-hut Nordic touring
  • Stay in amazing places; remote, inaccessible mountain cabins

Skiing off-track uses many of the techniques of 'classic' style track touring, but with an emphasis on travelling, turning and controlling speed in a variety of snow types. The skis are wider, the boots chunkier, sturdier and warmer. You will use 'waxing' skis, and climbing skins and receive tips on how to manage kit, food and clothing in a Nordic mountain environment. Read our blog to learn more about this type of skiing.

When joining a hut-to-hut tour you will carry everything for the week in your rucksack giving you complete autonomy. In our view it is great to un-clutter and realise you can survive with all your needs on your back. 

Read our article on Crossing the Hardangavidda: hut-to-hut ski touring in Norway. Or for a greater understanding of the various disciplines refer to our Cross Country Ski Guide or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


A selection of our most popular Nordic Touring 'Off Track' Holidays

8 DaysDURATION IntermediateGRADE £2195FROM

Kvitåvatn: Off Track Skills & Touring


Nordic off-track skills and touring week based in Kvitåvtn, Norway. Enjoy 4 days 'off track' skills coaching and day tours, then embark on a two-day tour and overnight stay at the Helberghytte DNT in the Hardangervidda National Park.

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8 DaysDURATION AdvancedGRADE £1695FROM

Skarvheimen Traverse


A wonderful first experience of Norwegian hut-to-hut ski touring. This trip has relatively short days which makes it a relaxed option. We ski south to north, on a stunning point-to-point tour through the Hallingskarvet mountains, across the high plateaux and wild, craggy hill country of the Skarvheimen.

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Hardangervidda Classic Crossing


Crossing the Hardangervidda is one of the great classic ski journeys of the world. A wild, remote and immense plateau the Hardanger is world famous for its beauty, space and solitude. It is also home to wildlife such as arctic foxes, and beaver, and has the largest wild reindeer herds in Scandinavia.

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Jotunheimen Pines to Peaks


A unique Nordic ski journey through the "Land of the Giants", the Jotunheim mountains in Norway. The area is renowned for its spectacular scenery, wild beauty and numerous peaks. A true winter wilderness experience as we ski through this stunning National Park.

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Cross Country Skiing Options

Cross Country Ski Lessons

Learn to cross-country ski or improve your technique with our expert instruction.

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Skate Skiing

Develop or learn a new ski skill. Experience the amazing 'skate' sensation!

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Track Touring

Journey point-to-point on our classic style ski tours all on prepared tracks.

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Nordic Touring 'Off Track'

Explore away from the prepared trails hut-to-hut through an arctic wilderness.

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