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Nordic Ski Touring: Head 'off-track' this winter

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 08 December 2020

If there was ever a winter when cross-country skiing was a perfect ‘fit’ then this is it! No lift queues, no cheek to jowl crush in the cable car, no teeming lunchtime bars and restaurants. Why would you do that when you can head into the wilderness instead, and enjoy perfect 'social distancing'?

We already offer a wide range of cross-country adventures, but now we’re also giving you the chance to get ‘off-track’. By this we mean cross-country skiing away from the prepared trails - a true mountain journey. 

Private trips for winter 2020

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 29 November 2020

"What's the best way to be sure of a holiday this winter?" A question we are hearing more and more often as we fast approach the winter holiday season. No easy answer, to be honest, as it all depends on government decisions made far from the Tracks and Trails office.

What we can suggest is that booking a private trip, bespoke or tailor-made, whatever you wish to call it, is probably one of the best ways to ensure some winter fun. So consider getting together a group of family or friends, or people you met on previous holidays and we will help you come up with a plan. Create your own 'bubble' of travelling companions. 

Working in travel during a pandemic

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 12 November 2020

So here is my honest response to those of you who have kindly asked "How are you doing?", "Is the team at T&T OK?", "Are you able to run trips this winter?" Firstly, it means a lot to everyone here at Tracks and Trails that you care enough about the team to send messages of support.

We have always believed that our guests are part of our extended adventure travel family. With so many repeat bookings I meet up with the same people year after year and believe me right now I really am missing you all. Here is my take on working in the travel industry during a pandemic. 

Rollerskiing: Getting Fit for Cross Country Skiing

Written by  Fern Cates 10 November 2020

"I'm joining you on a cross country ski holiday and wondering how I can get fit for skiing?". Preparing for an adventure holiday is very much part of the excitement and anticipation, but without access to snow how can you possibility get ski fit? Roller skiing is definitely one of the answers. 

There are many cross-country skiers learning and training on rollerskis. It’s a great way to improve technique, fitness and balance between winter trips and will add extra enjoyment to your winter holiday. Fern Cates is a former 'Team GB' Cross Country Skier and teaches roller skiing. Here is her short guide...

The Benefits of Hiking for Children

Written by  Arthur Grant 10 November 2020

This November 17th, America will celebrate National Hiking Day. As an activity hiking has come a long way since the days when it was simply considered the preserve of the vagrant, or impoverished who could not afford other forms of transport to get from A to B. 

That all changed during the Romantic era of the Victorian years which inspired people such as Henry David Thoreau, a naturalist and philosopher who reflected on how to live simply in nature. From then on hiking or walking became a pastime of the educated and grew in popularity. 

Travel Advice Links for Covid-19

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 21 October 2020

One of the greatest challenges in running a travel business during the current pandemic is keeping abreast of the changes in restrictions and guidance that is being given by individual countries. These can cover everything from the size of group, number of people in a minibus, eating in a restaurant, who can share a bedroom, when to wear a mask, when to complete an 'arrival' form before travelling, and many many more.

We have pulled together links to each of the countries we travel to in the hope that it might be useful. These are links to the UK Government website referring to the country you are travelling to, and also the Government website of your destination country. We hope it helps and any feedback is welcome. 

Team ‘Evie Wonder’ - Miles for Refugees Challenge

Written by  Julia Tregaskis-Allen 19 October 2020

During September Tracks and Trails Director, Julia Tregaskis-Allen, took part in the ‘Miles for refugees challenge’ with her 4 month old daughter, Eve. Together they walked 160 miles raising £334 to help the British Red Cross support refugees in the United Kingdom. Julia would like to thank all those who supported her with donations and also those of you who joined her on the walks. 

Confessions of a Snowshoe Convert

Written by  George Taylor 15 October 2020

Snowshoeing anyone? For over ten years we have been lucky enough to guide George and Margaret on snowshoe trips across Europe. They have become our pioneers in terms of exploring new routes and areas. Now of mature years they are wonderful ambassadors for snowshoeing and as an example of how to continue to enjoy the mountains no matter what your age.  They first joined us in 2009 when they were cross country skiers. However, the skis were soon abandoned and they were converted! The following is George's version of events. 

Dear Tracks and Trails Guests

We hope this finds you in good health and coping with these unusual times. Without doubt dealing with and managing the impact of COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone, with the travel industry no exception.

As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ we would like to reassure you that future bookings are safe with Tracks and Trails. Our dates and prices are now available online and due to a high volume of transfers from affected departures in 2020, many of our trips are filling up fast. In the meantime, we are continuing to monitor the situation and the impact of COVID-19 on each of our trips and have the following updates for you.


Trip Departures in 2021 

Reduced number of trips and departures to allow us to focus on our most popular destinations. 

Greater flexibility with regard to payment of your trip balance which is now due 6 weeks before departure, rather than 8 weeks.

Scheduled Departure holidays will be cancelled when the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the UK advises against ‘all but essential travel’.

Your money is legally protected by International Passenger Protection whether as payment for a specific holiday or as a credit note.

If we have to change or cancel your booking you have the following four options:

  • 1. Accept any changed arrangements
  • 2. Transfer your funds to another trip*
  • 3. Postpone your trip until a future date*
  • 4. Receive a full refund minus an administration fee**

If you need to change or cancel your booking we would ask that in the first instance you contact your travel insurance provider to see if your circumstances qualify for a claim to be made with them. If your claim is not successful you have the following three options:

* If the cost of your new trip/date is different, a refund or balance will be due.

** We would like to be clear that if Tracks and Trails has to cancel your booking due to restrictions imposed because of Covid-19 that an administration fee of £65 will be charged per person. This will apply to all bookings confirmed after 10 October, 2020 and is necessary to cover costs incurred in planning your trip. 

Inspiring Confidence

During the past few months we have worked hard to ensure that we are well informed about the current COVID-19 situation, how this affects the travel industry and have adapted the management of our trips in the following ways:

  • -The UK Government has decided ‘We’re Good to Go’ 
  • -More single rooms available for your privacy
  • -All guests provided with our Covid-19 Guidance
  • -Guides briefed on how to reduce risk of Covid-19
  • -New booking Terms and Conditions with more flexibility 
  • -Reduced trip schedule to focus on delivering your holiday 
  • -Accommodation which complies with local Government regulations 
  • -Attendance at ABTA Travel Law Seminar keeping us up to date 

Visit our COVID-19 specific Frequently Asked Questions or contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Links to Official Sites

We encourage you to use the links below for further information and the latest updates on the situation. We have also compiled our own list which relates to each of our destinations, giving both the UK Government advice, and the advice of the country you would be travelling to. We hope you find it helpful, but would state that we cannot be held responsible for the information displayed as the guidance can change with little or no notice. 

UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office:  FCDO

The Association of British Travel Agents: ABTA

National Health Service in the UK: NHS

Covid-19: Guidelines for Tracks & Trails Guests

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 09 October 2020

Here are Tracks and Trails' guidelines for guests travelling with us this winter season - to help keep you and your fellow travellers protected from Covid-19. If you have booked a holiday with us this winter, please make sure you read each point carefully. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday!