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Working in travel during a pandemic

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 12 November 2020

So here is my honest response to those of you who have kindly asked "How are you doing?", "Is the team at T&T OK?", "Are you able to run trips this winter?" Firstly, it means a lot to everyone here at Tracks and Trails that you care enough about the team to send messages of support.

We have always believed that our guests are part of our extended adventure travel family. With so many repeat bookings I meet up with the same people year after year and believe me right now I really am missing you all. Here is my take on working in the travel industry during a pandemic. 

Rollerskiing: Getting Fit for Cross Country Skiing

Written by  Fern Cates 10 November 2020

"I'm joining you on a cross country ski holiday and wondering how I can get fit for skiing?". Preparing for an adventure holiday is very much part of the excitement and anticipation, but without access to snow how can you possibility get ski fit? Roller skiing is definitely one of the answers. 

There are many cross-country skiers learning and training on rollerskis. It’s a great way to improve technique, fitness and balance between winter trips and will add extra enjoyment to your winter holiday. Fern Cates is a former 'Team GB' Cross Country Skier and teaches roller skiing. Here is her short guide...

The Benefits of Hiking for Children

Written by  Arthur Grant 10 November 2020

This November 17th, America will celebrate National Hiking Day. As an activity hiking has come a long way since the days when it was simply considered the preserve of the vagrant, or impoverished who could not afford other forms of transport to get from A to B. 

That all changed during the Romantic era of the Victorian years which inspired people such as Henry David Thoreau, a naturalist and philosopher who reflected on how to live simply in nature. From then on hiking or walking became a pastime of the educated and grew in popularity. 

Travel Advice Links for Covid-19

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 21 October 2020

One of the greatest challenges in running a travel business during the current pandemic is keeping abreast of the changes in restrictions and guidance that is being given by individual countries. These can cover everything from the size of group, number of people in a minibus, eating in a restaurant, who can share a bedroom, when to wear a mask, when to complete an 'arrival' form before travelling, and many many more.

We have pulled together links to each of the countries we travel to in the hope that it might be useful. These are links to the UK Government website referring to the country you are travelling to, and also the Government website of your destination country. We hope it helps and any feedback is welcome. 

Team ‘Evie Wonder’ - Miles for Refugees Challenge

Written by  Julia Tregaskis-Allen 19 October 2020

During September Tracks and Trails Director, Julia Tregaskis-Allen, took part in the ‘Miles for refugees challenge’ with her 4 month old daughter, Eve. Together they walked 160 miles raising £334 to help the British Red Cross support refugees in the United Kingdom. Julia would like to thank all those who supported her with donations and also those of you who joined her on the walks. 

Confessions of a Snowshoe Convert

Written by  George Taylor 15 October 2020

Snowshoeing anyone? For over ten years we have been lucky enough to guide George and Margaret on snowshoe trips across Europe. They have become our pioneers in terms of exploring new routes and areas. Now of mature years they are wonderful ambassadors for snowshoeing and as an example of how to continue to enjoy the mountains no matter what your age.  They first joined us in 2009 when they were cross country skiers. However, the skis were soon abandoned and they were converted! The following is George's version of events. 

Covid-19: Guidelines for Tracks & Trails Guests

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 09 October 2020

Here are Tracks and Trails' guidelines for guests travelling with us this winter season - to help keep you and your fellow travellers protected from Covid-19. If you have booked a holiday with us this winter, please make sure you read each point carefully. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday! 

Covid-19: Managing the risks on holiday

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 11 July 2020

Changed times, strange time for travellers. We are all having to adjust to living with Covid-19, and to travelling with new measures in place. We suspect that these measures may be the norm for some time to come, and it is clear that many of you are ready to travel again, but would like to know what is being done to keep you safe. Here we have identified the various procedures in place that will help to reduce risk of Covid-19 while you are on a trip with Tracks and Trails. We have aimed to provide a brief and clear outline to address various concerns. 

The Porcini Hunters

Written by  Jamie Reynolds 07 July 2020

Autumn walks in Tuscany, Italy, are to be savoured, the physical pleasures of the hike, as well as the wonderful flavours of this world famous region. In September and October we head south to the mountains of the Apuane, and the Apennine where we spend a week long hiking holiday exploring the limestone summits of this bountiful land. At a time in our  world when 'isolation' is to be welcomed you will love our hillside haven of tranquility where your group will be the only guests in an ancient Tuscan farmhouse. To encourage you into the mountains we have dropped the cost of this trip by £100 for September and October 2020.

Grand Canyon of Europe: Verdon Gorge

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 05 July 2020

The Verdon Gorge is a turquoise ribbon of water slicing through a truly beautiful landscape. Known as the Grand Canyon of Europe it is the second largest in the world, and for generations has attracted hikers, and rock climbers to its sheer and impressive cliffs. Home to a health population of vultures, it lures not only wildlife lovers, but also those who simply want to escape to a slower pace amidst the lavender fields and olive groves. You can join us to either hike or trail run along the ancient routes. 

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