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Sustainable and Low Impact Holidays

Written by  Cordy Lewis 12 April 2024

As a company we wanted to have a greater focus on responsible travel to help protect the environment that we encourage you to join us in which is why we've created our NEW Low Impact holiday collection which can be identified by this new stamp.

Destination Guide to Zermatt Switzerland

Written by  Cordy Lewis 22 February 2024

Zermatt; the perfect playground for anyone who has an interest in the outdoors, food, photography, wildlife and so much more! Located at the southern end of Switzerland Zermatt is in the Visp Valley which forms part of the Valais Canton.  The village itself is at an altitude of 1620 metres (5,314ft) and is surrounded by awe inspiring mountains.   

At Tracks and Trails we run a variety of hiking holidays which take in the wonders of the Matterhorn whilst being able to walk on tracks steeped in history. Read on to find out more about the history, flora and fauna and, of course, the hiking around Zermatt.

Roller Skiing

Written by  Iain Ballentine, Roller Ski Instruction & Roller Ski Shop 25 January 2024

This winter cross-country is the snow sport that everyone wants to try. We have had unprecedented demand for our beginner trips which introduce you to the world of 'skinny' skis. When questioned as to why our guests have various replies, including a desire to 'get away' from the bustle and busyness of alpine ski resorts, a wish to have less impact on the environment, and a desire to enjoy tranquillity in the mountains. Cross country is your answer, and to get fit without snow, we can suggest roller skiing.

100 Years of Winter Olympics

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 27 November 2023

In Chamonix, in the stunning French Alps, we are celebrating! The first Winter Olympics was held in the town in 1924, and 2024 marks the 100th anniversary. At that time competitors were chosen not just on their past results, but on whether they could take several weeks off work. You were required to take a boat to Europe, and pay your own costs. 

Eco Gifts for the Outdoors

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 24 November 2023

It's that time of year when we all start scratching our heads for gift ideas. I find myself thinking that I do not want to buy anything that will simply lie at the back of a cupboard and just increase waste in an already over-loaded planet. So here we go with a list of outdoor kit that has at least one of the following elements; recyclable, repairable, or reusable. Look out for the offers from our friends at The Wipe Out Store given below.

Cross-country Skiing in Austria

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 16 November 2023

We're heading to Austria this winter! Our new cross-country ski trip has just been launched, six days cruising the tracks and trails of Tirol's Hochplateau, and exploring Pertisau, a lakeside mountain village located in stunning mountain scenery. Two fabulous destinations for cross-country ski enthusiasts which we have brought together into one week long adventure.

Protect Our Winters

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 15 November 2023
This week we have had masses of fresh snow in the Alps and we all got very excited about so much 'white stuff' so early in the season. We even got our skis out and went for a slide. Then, it rained and it rained and it rained! A few years ago we would have uttered the words "What on earth is going on with the weather?" Now, we know...

DNT Huts - cosy, characterful and comfy

Written by  Lindsay Cannon 05 October 2023

Norwegian mountain huts are the best in the world! A bold statement, but the character of the huts, combined with the comfortable decor, excellent food, and the remote locations surely make them a strong contender for the title. Add in the incredible honesty system which operates in the self-service huts and you have a world class operation that is hard to beat. Have a look at these images from our Norwegian hut experiences to see what we mean. 

The Jotunheim Ski Trail

Written by  Niamh Mangan, Guest 02 October 2023

The excitement level is high as I sit on the Norwegian train heading north to Otta, to join the new Tracks & Trails trip along the famous Jotunheim Ski Trail in the 'Land of the Giants'.  The Jotunheim is a name which ranks high in terms of the legendary landscapes of Norway, and I cannot wait to explore it in winter. 

Water shortage in alpine mountain huts

Written by  Cecilia Mariani 23 August 2023

Swiss glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate, some losing six per cent of their remaining volume in one year and far exceeding previous records. As a heatwave hits the Alps we look at the water shortage that is now affecting mountain huts.

Water is not a never ending resource and in the mountains the effect of a changing climate is being felt. We know that the rising temperatures are showing their effects in many parts of the world, but first and foremost in the glaciated mountain regions of the world. The glaciers are melting, the winters are warmer and bringing less snow every year and, as a consequence, the water supplies run low. Mountain huts rely on snow for their water, so if there’s not enough snow in the winter then running the huts in the summer is difficult. How are they going to cope with this situation? Will they be able to survive?