Cross Country Skiing Holidays

We are specialists in cross country skiing

We have a true passion for cross country skiing and are one of the few British companies employing professional ski instructors. We offer cross country skiing in three styles; 'classic' which is what most people recognise as 'cross country' and resembles walking/running on skis, 'skate' which is a skating motion, and 'off track' which means skiing where there are no groomed or prepared tracks. 

Welcome to our winter wonderland

  • Learn to ski in an idyllic Italian town; cobbled streets, cappuccino, and cake!
  • Join us for an epic journey in Norway and ski point to point through the mountains
  • Stay with us in Switzerland and enjoy exploring the perfect tracks and valleys
  • Visit Lapland and experience the Sami culture and see the Northern Lights

Cross country skiing goes by many names such as 'nordic skiing', 'langlauf', 'ski de fond', 'telemark', etc. Most of our trips are 'classic' involving a running/walking motion, we have several 'skate' trips, and we also offer 'off track' touring which is away from prepared ski tracks and in remoter areas. With all of these disciplines 'ski lifts' are not used and it is your own efforts which propel you across the landscape. For an understanding of the disciplines please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

On our trips you will have first class instructors who ensure that learning is fun. The emphasis on excellent instruction is perhaps no surprise as both our co-founders hold the highest cross country ski qualification awarded by the International Ski Instructors Association. Simply choose the trip which most suits your experience, expectations and level of fitness and we will do the rest.

We have introduced children as young as 8 to the sport, and encouraged octogenarians who have dreamed of a ski journey across the Norwegian wilderness. Many of our previous 'beginners' are now joining us on long distance ski journeys. It is a joy to witness! 



A selection of our most popular Cross Country Skiing Holidays

8 DaysDURATION ImproversGRADE £1695FROM

Trolls Trail Experience


A wonderful opportunity to cross country ski the landscape of the Rondane mountains. This trip is perfect if you want to improve your technique and enjoy a journey on skis. We enjoy three different hotel locations, linking them on skis along sections of the famous Trolls Trail. If you have recently started Nordic skiing, then this trip will allow you to experience part of the Trolls Trail but in a relaxed fashion.

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1 DaysDURATION Nordic Touring 'Off Track'GRADE £0FROM

Nordic Touring 'Off Track'


Off-track Nordic ski touring means you really get away from the crowds to explore a stunning winter landscape. This is for you if you would like to progress to cross country skiing which takes routes away from the groomed tracks.

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8 DaysDURATION IntermediateGRADE £1725FROM

Ski Skills: Be a Better Skier


You want to improve your ski skills? You want to get more out of your ski holidays? Then this is the trip for you! We aim for this week to be fun and stimulating while helping you to transform your cross country skiing. You will have two highly experienced Instructors who will analyse your technique and posture providing a greater understanding of cross country skiing, and enhancing your performance. This is to a course open to anyone who wants to get more out of skiing, you do not need to be an athlete

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9 DaysDURATION SnowshoeingGRADE £1695FROM

Snowshoe and Ski 'Combo'

Italy, France

This trip is a 'combination' of our two long-weekend winter holidays. Our Italian Ski Break in the stunning valley of Cogne, and our Snowshoe Long Weekend, based in the world famous Chamonix Valley, France. These trips are aimed as introductions to cross country skiing and snowshoeing, both fabulous ways to explore the winter wonderland and activities which are steadily increasing their following. Go on have a go!

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