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Tailormade cross country skiing


We have acquired a reputation for being specialists in the field of cross country skiing, perhaps largely due to our own passion for this particular skiing discipline. With this in mind we find pulling together the elements to create a tailor-made cross country ski trip a truly pleasurable task. For a better understanding of cross country skiing and its various forms please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

Any of our 'Scheduled Departure' track skiing trips can be adapted to a bespoke trip. We also can create bespoke trips which are nordic 'off-track touring trips' featuring hut-to-hut journeys in Scandinavia. 

By booking a bespoke trip you are ensuring that you have your own qualified Ski Instructor, either on a 1:1 basis, or perhaps shared within a group of your friends. It is an excellent way of gaining intensive instruction to improve your ski skills, perhaps with a view to taking on one of our 'Scheduled Departure' long distance ski journeys. Alternatively, having your own Instructor can mean a very relaxed session on skis with minimal instruction and maximum cake and coffee stops. It really is up to you.

For athletes, and those of you who like to improve your fitness, cross country skiing can be as challenging as you choose it to be. Arguably it can be the most aerobic of sports and is ideal for winter cross-training from other endurance sports (such as cycling, running and triathlon). So why not take on a challenge and train for a cross country ski race? We will be happy to help you achieve your goals. 

Please also take a look at the Itinerary section above for just a few ideas which may help you make a start. Or if you already know what you want then get in touch with our office. 

Just want to say what happy memories I have our holiday at the beginning of the year, then to my surprise, Moya said that she has been in touch to say what a positive experience it was for her. Well, there was me feeling guilty for dragging her out on the snow!! I am of course delighted. It was a fantastic holiday and I feel privileged to been in the position of being able to learn so much from you. It will be interesting for me to see how I get on in the snowy wastes of northern Canada.

Thank you to all of you for making every aspect of my recent trips with you a pleasure and absolute joy. The application of your considerable expertise, boundless enthusiasm and attention to detail meant everything ran smoothly especially in the ever changing conditions. We couldn't help but fall in love with cross country skiing.



We can create bespoke adventure itineraries to suit most requests. We have extensive experience in the European Alps, and in particular in France, Switzerland, and Italy. In Scandinavia in winter we also have a breadth and depth of knowledge of running trips in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. 

We will soon be giving suggested itineraries for your corporate event, but in the meantime please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

  • Getting to know a particular area, and knowing exactly what you are heading home to at the end of a day of skiing is rather nice. A chance to savour the thought of that log fire, the cup of hot chocolate, the sauna, the excellent wine, and the delicious food. For this reason we have listed a few of our favourite areas for cross country skiing which offer a first class cross country skiing and have some great hotel options. 

    Äkäslompolo, Lapland If you have ever dreamed of seeing wild reindeer in the snow or watching the Aurora Borealis dancing overhead then this is the one for you. This village in Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, is a wonderful destination offering over 300 km's of tracks. It is perfect for those who love to cruise around the forests stopping for cake and coffee at the native Larvu huts by the tracks! There is a range of accommodation but we love the Hotel we use for our Scheduled Departure week. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

    Venabu, Norway How we love this remote family run hotel and all the ski tracks that surround it. On the edge of the oldest National Park in Norway, the Rondane, the hotel is perfectly placed to enjoy the mountains. Ski from and to the ski room door each day, and look forward to what is possibly the best food on any of our trips. A Norwegian buffet served nightly that features many local dishes, and is enough to fuel you for any number of kilometres on skis! At Venabu we base a number of weeks every year, and many of our guests just keep coming back. 

    Cogne, Val d'Aosta, Italy The Aosta Valley, a land of fir trees and mountain pastures becomes a superb high location for cross country skiing when the snow falls. We adore the village of Cogne with its cobbled streets and remote feeling. Lying at the end of a steep sided valley it has 55 kms of tracks which offer everything from gentle to very challenging. There is a stadium area which is perfect for learning and indeed this is where we base our introductory Italian Ski Breaks

    Swiss Jura Close to Geneva this gentle mountain range lies along the frontier between France and Switzerland. Visit traditional shepherds' farms and chalets in rolling snowy pastures. The home to so many cheeses and other culinary delights that food becomes a serious part of this holiday. This is the venue for our Trans Jura Swiss, a point to point journey you may like to consider?

    Obergoms Valley, Switzerland This is a very popular venue with Swiss cross country skiers. Reliable snow conditions and a variety of long distance ski trails attract nordic skiers who want plenty of km's to perfect their technique. The valley is served by the local train and our ski pass includes access to the train service. A wonderful way to explore the whole length of the Valley is to ski as far as you can then simply hop on a train and head for home. The Obergoms are featured in our Gorgeous Goms Ski trip.  

  • We find that many of our bespoke trips are based on the Scheduled Departures which we already offer on this website. Simply browse the Scheduled Departures and decide which one you would like as a private trip. The itineraries can be adjusted to suit your needs with 'rest' days inserted where appropriate, and the number of trip days either extended or shortened.

    In this respect we find that our Peer Gynt Trail, in Norway is one of the most popular options for a private trip. Other wonderful cross country ski trips include the epic Trolls Trail, in Norway and our Grand Traverse of the Jura, in France. To be honest there are many options and we are happy to talk you through what is possible to suit your skiing ability. 

  • Our totally bespoke trips are those where you have the ideas and the dreams and we discuss how these can be achieved. They could feature an element of our Scheduled Departure trip itineraries, but also include other optional activities, such as snowshoeing, alpine skiing, ice climbing, dog sledding, or maybe something more relaxing such as a visit to a thermal spa such as the one at Pre St Didier, near Courmayeur, in Italy, followed by compulsory gelato, to end your trip?

    Another example of the variety which can be included is available at Venabu, in Norway, a tranquil mountain hotel on the edge of the Rondane National Park. Here there are many activities which can be included in a cross country ski trip, there is dog sledding, snowshoeing, horse drawn sleigh rides, yoga/pilates classes and massage available. 

    In other words 'Bespoke' means created and crafted just for you and your family or friends. A unique experience in the stunning mountains of the Alps or indeed farther afield in Scandinavia.

  • Making a journey through the mountains on skis is a truly wonderful experience. Setting off in the morning with a sense of expectation and adventure, not knowing exactly what is ahead, is surely one of the best feelings that can be had while sliding on snow! Over the years we have become specialists in cross country ski journeys offering some long distance journeys which are certainly not on offer elsewhere. Please note that the trips given below are all ski journeys on pre-prepared tracks, they are not off-track.

    If you have dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights then our Finnish Russian Frontier trip is perfect for you. Last year we spent hours watching the dancing lights in the snow. This trip is great for those who have just started cross country skiing but who are keen to do a journey as soon as possible. We spent the first three days teaching you at a cross country ski centre in Finland, then we make a 3 day journey along the Russian Frontier. 

    If you love Scandinavia then we have some excellent adventures on skis that are six day journeys across a landscape which is the birthplace of the sport. Our Peer Gynt Trail is a wonderful introduction to touring with days that are not too long, and hotels that are cosy and characterful and offer great food. 

    The Trolls Trail is another Norwegian offering that provides a wonderful challenge for experienced cross country skiers. An epic journey from Otta to the Olympic town of Lillehammer, we love it! Joining the Trolls Trail for winter 2019 is the stunning Hallingdal Track. This is the first winter we will offer this trip and without doubt it is a true mountain experience with some excellent skiing for advanced skiers. 

    In the Alps you can enjoy the Grand Traverse of the Jura in France, or the Trans Jura Swiss which is, yes you guessed it, the traverse of the Jura mountains but on the Swiss side. Both are brilliant journeys, and each offer sufficient differences that we often have guests who have done both of them. 

    finally, in Germany there is the wonderful Traverse of the Black Forest, and in the Czech Republic we have combined two long distance ski 'races' to create out Czech Polish frontier experience. 



On all our trips we aim to accommodate our guests in well-situated, clean, characterful, family run accommodation. We are painstaking in our research to give you the best option possible and one that is good value. Our suggested accommodation, listed below, is subject to availability at the time of booking. We have given details of our favoured venues and those we intend to use. If unavailable we will book alternative accommodation of a similar standard.

Our trip fees are based on two people sharing a room. If you are travelling on your own your booking will be based on a twin bedroom sharing with someone of the same gender. 

However, on many of our trips single rooms are available on request for a supplementary fee. We recommend booking as early as possible to secure a single room as these are always limited in number. Please contact us for details. 

  • Please note that you must have the appropriate insurance for your chosen activity. As we will be travelling in the mountains, you must be covered for helicopter rescue, repatriation and medical costs. We also advise you to take out Trip Cancellation/Curtailment Insurance in the event of you being unable to join the trip for whatever reason. NB: The insurance referred to below should only be purchased AFTER we have confirmed that your trip is guaranteed to run. 

    For ease of reference the clause relating to Insurance as set out in our Terms and Conditions is given below:

    Insurance: It is a condition of booking that you are insured against medical expenses, injury, illness, death, cost of repatriation, and personal accident risks. This must include cover for the activities to be undertaken during the trip. For tours taking place outside the United Kingdom you must ensure that your insurance covers rescue from the mountains, including helicopter rescue. It is the right of the leader to make a decision to call for helicopter rescue if such assistance is needed. Costs incurred by you, the client, due to an evacuation, rescue or other emergency event shall be your responsibility. Any subsequent costs incurred for expenses not limited to but including such costs as hotels, food, transport etc shall be borne by you, the client. You are responsible for ensuring insurance cover is adequate for the particular needs of your chosen activity. You must be fully aware of the implications involved in arranging your own travel insurance and understand the limitations and exclusions of the policy. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you are authorising Tracks and Trails Ltd or the person employed to lead the trip for Tracks and Trails Ltd to instigate rescue and/or helicopter evacuation procedures without previously obtaining the permission of the company issuing your insurance policy. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time if we are not satisfied you have the necessary insurance policy covering your activity. Please ensure that your insurance covers you to the maximum altitude given on your trip itinerary. If you are unsure or are joining a bespoke trip then please contact us for specific details. Most of our trips have a maximum altitude of 3,000 metres, except the Tour de Monte Rosa which reaches 3316m. You must bring all insurance documentation with you at the time of the activity. We also recommend your insurance covers you for trip cancellation and baggage loss/damage. Tracks and Trails Ltd are unable to accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any client equipment or luggage.

    For further details, please read the Insurance section on our website.

  • The standard of accommodation if based in a main town, is entirely up to you and your budget. There is usually a range of accommodation on offer from 4/5 star luxury spa hotels, through to very comfortable 2 star family run hotels. 

    If you are choosing to do a multi-day journey, for example in Norway, Finland, or France, the accommodation can range from luxury hotels, to more basic, but characterful mountain huts. When helping you plan your trip we will ask what level of comfort you require, and that will often dictate certain locations. 

  • In winter the temperatures in the mountains can range from 8˚C on a sunny afternoon to minus 10˚C on a chilly morning. Temperatures in both the Alps and Scandinavia can drop to minus 20˚C and lower. In winter the weather can involve continuous snowfall, and strong winds so you should be prepared for cold, possibly wet weather. It can also be very sunny, and pleasantly warm. 

  • If you wish to add on optional activities these can easily be arranged for you. In winter you could choose to experience a range of other winter sports. Depending on the location you are choosing for your trip these can include trying snow shoeing, dog sledding, ice climbing, glacier walking, or even sleigh rides. We can advise you on what is available in each location. 

  • We feel strongly about protecting the environment and do not encourage the use of single-use plastic items. We would ask that you arrive with a ‘water bottle’ or ‘hydration system’ that can be used repeatedly. We would point out that we operate a ‘zero tolerance’ for rubbish, and would ask you to remove all your rubbish items from the mountain even those you consider to be bio-degradable. You can read our full policy here.

The date range given below indicates the months when the activity can usually be undertaken.  

Pricing The prices below are for a maximum of 4 people for a half day or full day of cross country skiing with a fully qualified professional Instructor. Each additional person, up to a maximum of 8, incurs a supplement. So for 5-8 people for a half day (3 hrs) it is £10 per person on the price given below, and for a full day it is £15 per person. You can also book a 2 hour lesson for up to 4 people for £160, with £5 for each additional person up to a maximum of 8. We also accept Euros by prior arrangement. 

Maximum Numbers To ensure that you make the most of your skiing experience we take a maximum of 8 people per guide. We can, of course, accommodate larger groups but for reasons of safety and enjoyment this would require an additional Instructor or Instructors depending on the group size. 

Equipment Rental We can arrange cross country ski rental for you, either 'classic' or 'skate' skis. To hire 'classic' skis, boots and poles normally costs around 10-12 Euros per day per person, and to hire 'skate' skis, boots and poles, it is approximately 12-15 Euros per day per person. In non-Euro countries the price is approximately the same, but in the local currency. 

The Complete Package We can also quote you an all inclusive price which can include accommodation, luggage transfers if a point to point journey, cross country ski hire, the guides fees and expenses and all logistics. We can also add on other winter activities such as snowshoeing, ice climbing, alpine downhill skiing, dog sledding, etc depending on your chosen location.  If you have a young family you may also like to consider renting a baby sledge or 'pulka' to tow them behind you!

The prices given could vary depending on instructor availability at the time of booking. We recommend booking early to guarantee these rates. 



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Just want to say what happy memories I have our holiday at the beginning of the year, then to my surprise, Moya said that she has been in touch to say what a positive experience it was for her. Well, there was me feeling guilty for dragging her out on the snow!! I am of course delighted. It was a fantastic holiday and I feel privileged to been in the position of being able to learn so much from you. It will be interesting for me to see how I get on in the snowy wastes of northern Canada.

Thank you to all of you for making every aspect of my recent trips with you a pleasure and absolute joy. The application of your considerable expertise, boundless enthusiasm and attention to detail meant everything ran smoothly especially in the ever changing conditions. We couldn't help but fall in love with cross country skiing.


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