Insurance For Adventure Holiday with Tracks & Trails

Activity Insurance It is a condition of booking that you are insured against medical expenses, injury, illness, death, mountain rescue, cost of repatriation and personal accident risks whilst taking part in any of the activities we offer e.g. walking in the mountains, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and trail running etc. To be fully covered you should take out your insurance immediately after booking. Please ensure that your insurance covers you to the maximum altitude given on your trip itinerary. The maximum altitude for any trip can be checked on the 'At A Glance' box on each trip page. Most of our trips have a maximum altitude of 3,000 metres. If you are unsure or are joining a bespoke trip, then please ask us for specific details. This does not apply to trips taking place in the United Kingdom as mountain rescue is free of charge.

Trip Cancellation/Baggage Insurance In light of Covid-19 you should also have insurance to cover trip cancellation and curtailment. We also advise that you should have insurance which covers baggage loss/equipment damage as Tracks and Trails will not be held responsible for loss/damage to baggage/ equipment.

COVID-19 Insurance As well as medical cover, we recommend that you have appropriate travel insurance so that if you fall ill and test positive for COVID-19 prior to (or during) your trip, you will be financially covered for cancelling your trip. You should also consider booking a policy that covers you if you have to cancel or curtail your holiday because you have to self-isolate. Travel Insurance covering COVID-19 is now widely available. If you choose to cancel, cancellation charges will be payable to Tracks and Trails.


All of the above insurances are detailed in our Terms and Conditions

If you are booking on behalf of other people it is important you ensure that appropriate insurance has been arranged by ALL OTHERS included on your Booking Form.

Bring a copy of your insurance details with you, and carry it at all times. Failure to provide proof of insurance if requested will mean you will be asked to leave the trip. This is entirely for your own financial protection in the event of an injury or an accident.

Listed below are some companies who provide appropriate cover for the activities that we offer. Each company has a different set of conditions and different levels of benefit in the event of a claim, check the details carefully before making a purchase to ensure that they suit your own personal situation and country of residence. 

When booking insurance for cross country skiing trips to Norway take extra care on understanding if and how 'ski touring' is categorised by each company.


Before booking consider whether you expect to be in the appropriate physical condition on the date of your departure to allow you to fully participate in and enjoy your holiday. If you have any doubts because of an illness or injury it would be advisable to check with your doctor.

For UK residents travelling to an EU country you should obtain and bring with you a free Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).  This card allows you to receive state healthcare in certain European countries at a reduced cost or sometimes for free, but is not a substitute for medical travel insurance. 

If you have a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you should apply for a GHIC.  We advise that you always carry your insurance documents with details of the Emergency Medical telephone number for your insurance provider, and your policy number. 

It is entirely your own responsibility to ensure that any insurance taken out is appropriate for your trip and for the activity you will be undertaking. Tracks and Trails cannot advise on insurance policies and cannot be held responsible if in the event of a claim your insurance is inadequate. Information provided below is for guidance only and it is your responsibility to check the information is still current. 

Assur Sport - for residents of the European Union

AssurSport is a sport insurance specialist in Europe, accessible all over the world. You can purchase insurance for just one day or for longer periods. It covers leisure, amateur competitions, families, off road/extreme sports. This insurance is accessible to European residents. 

Austrian Alpine Club - for residents of the European Union and United Kingdom

Mountain rescue insurance is included in the annual membership fee.

British Mountaineering Council - for residents of the United Kingdom

If you are a member of the BMC they provide insurance for a wide range of mountain activities and many membership benefits. BMC Travel Insurance includes cover to an area where the FCDO has advised against “all but essential travel”, subject to local government advice. However, EXCLUDES cover if the FCDO advise against ‘all travel’. FCDO advice. BMC Travel Insurance includes cover for COVID-19 related claims for emergency medical expenses and repatriation. However, it excludes any cancellation and Journey disruption claims in any way caused by or resulting from a) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19); b) severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2); c) any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2; any fear or threat of a), b) or c). More info

Campbell Irvine - for residents of the United Kingdom

In addition to covering medical emergency treatment overseas if diagnosed with COVID-19, the cancellation cover will also cover if you have to cancel your trip if diagnosed with COVID-19 and advised not to travel or if you are denied boarding. Their extensive cover also includes cancellation due to you or your Travelling Companion's confirmed direct exposure to Covid-19 via the NHS Test and Trace programme and being advised not to travel. 

Compare the Market - for residents of the United Kingdom

Offers the possibility to search for and compare various sports insurance policies. 

Harrison-Beaumont - for residents of the United Kingdom

Provide a range of activity insurance, including cover suitable for our Norwegian cross country ski trips.

Impact Multi Sports Insurance - for residents of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland

The Multi-sports Impact Card is intended to cover resident amateur athletes from the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It covers a wide range of sporting and mountain activities. This includes cross country skiing. It includes repatriation assistance 24 hrs per day, and a guarantee of search and rescue costs including helicopter up to 30,000 euros, and without altitude limit. 

Ski Club of Great Britain - for residents of the United Kingdom

Provide insurance cover for all our winter activities, including snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ski touring. They also cover a range of summer sports. They are now covering medical expenses, including additional travel costs, if you require treatment for Coronavirus while on a trip. Cancellation if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus or personally required to self-isolate

Snowcard - for residents of the United Kingdom

Provides mountain rescue insurance for mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing as well as many other activities. Snowshoeing falls under Level 2 as does cross country skiing on tracks, Nordic ski touring where you are travelling from hut to hut falls under Level 4. This information is for advice only, please confirm this direct with Snowcard so that YOU are sure the cover is appropriate. Snowcard policies now cover cancellation if you become ill with coronavirus COVID-19 and include emergency medical expenses if you contract COVID-19 on holiday. If you are travelling within Europe they will cover you if you are travelling against FCDO advice. Full details of COVID-19 cover click here.

Staysure - for residents of the United Kingdom

All new single trip and annual travel insurance policies with Staysure include COVID-19 cover at no extra cost. They also cover any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. 

Trail Finders - for residents of the United Kingdom

Trail Finders offer for adventurous activities and Covid-19 cover including; cancellation prior to travel, curtailment of your trip, quarantine, and medical expenses whilst overseas.

Travel Guard - for residents worldwide, including the United States of American, and Canada

The Travel Guard Plus Plan is for those travelers who want the most comprehensive package of travel insurance coverage and assistance services that includes Adventure Sports coverage.

World Nomad Insurance - for residents worldwide, including the United States of American, and Canada

World Nomad offers simple and flexible insurance cover, including cover for snowshoeing. You can buy online, even after you’ve left home. Extend and claim online while travelling. They offer adventure traveller insurance for over 140 countries. Some but not all of their policies provide cover for some coronavirus-related events – select your Country of Residence to find out more.

Updated: 22 January, 2024