Trail Running Holidays

We were an early pioneer of Trail Running as a holiday activity in the Alps

We have been offering trail running as an adventure activity holiday for ten years, embarking on our first trip long before the current wave of enthusiasm for running in the mountains.

Run to the hills, and keep on running:

  • Run the world famous race route of the Mont Blanc Ultra trail in six days
  • Experience the 'dolce vita' and run the stunning Alta Via route in the Italian Dolomites
  • Explore Europe's Grand Canyon, as you run the Verdon river trail below towering cliffs
  • Take part in our acclaimed Chamonix Trail Running Camps with top coaches

Thanks to the growing popularity of trail running we are happy to see an increasing number of runners enjoying the wide open spaces, stunning paths, and mountain views. You do not have to be an 'athlete' to join us as we will advise you on the best trip for your level. We will also make sure you leave with a wealth of information on how to get more out of your mountain running.

Trail Running in the Alps has to offer one of the best experiences of mountain running. Our local guides are all passionate about their own running, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the culture, flora and fauna of the environment they work in. They will share with you some of the finest views in the world; from snow capped peaks and glistening glaciers to pine scented forests.

As well as offering some of the most famous routes in the world, such as the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail, we have our acclaimed Trail Running Camps which will help improve your fitness and performance. If you want to stay UK based, we also take bookings for the Scottish Highlands, and the English Peak District. Get away from the tarmac and let your spirit fly free!



A selection of our most popular Trail Running Holidays


Courmayeur to Chamonix - The 'CCC'

Italy, France, Switzerland

Run the route of the fabulous 'CCC' Ultra Marathon, a major part of the annual Ultra Trail Mont Blanc® held in the French Alps. This glorious circuit around Mont Blanc, western Europe's highest mountain, is a 'must' for trail runners. A week of stunning mountains, great food, excellent coaching, and the experience of a lifetime.

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4 DaysDURATION TailormadeGRADE £175FROM

Tailormade Trail Running Trips

Italy, France, Switzerland

As one of the first British companies to offer Trail Running holidays we have the experience to help you create your own running adventure. We regularly organise trips for those who want to run in the mountains, but at their chosen pace and distance.

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8 DaysDURATION IntermediateGRADE £1395FROM

Trans Verdon Run


The Grand Canyon of Europe, and the chance to run through lavender fields, olive groves, and poppy fields. A fabulous multi-day running journey through Haute Provence. This is what a trail running holiday should be about!

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8 DaysDURATION AdvancedGRADE £1645FROM

Mont Blanc Ultra Trail

Italy, France, Switzerland

Trail run one of the most famous routes in the world. This fabulous circuit round Mont Blanc, western Europe's highest mountain, is a once in a life time experience with scenery that will 'blow you away'.

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