Mountain adventure holidays

You’re driven by experiences - travel, mountains, exploring new places and trying new things. Your best memories are about amazing people and unforgettable views. 

Tracks and Trails offer quality guided mountain adventures, and specialise in getting you off the beaten track. Our holidays are designed by experienced guides with utmost attention to detail, allowing you to be confident you are in safe hands.

Guided adventure holidays from people who love the mountains!


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Mountains of Experience

The Trolls Trail
The Trolls Trail was an excellent adventure with beautiful scenery and providing a real Norwegian ski experience. The striking landscapes on the plateau were stunning. Each evening was rejuvenating in a comfy accommodation with excellent meals.
- Donna, USA, 2022
Jotunheimen Pines to Peaks
The descent back to Fondsbu hut was good downhill practice and track marking poles to slalom around - turns thoroughly earned!
- Dan, UK - Mar 22
Jotunheimen Pines to Peaks
Great trip into the mountains with a scenic route and well catered stops. Bygdin had great food and location and an interesting old building.
- Dan, UK - March 22
Skarvheimen Traverse
I really enjoyed the experience of staying in the self service hut - fetching snow for water, keeping the stove going etc. The staffed huts were great too - really appreciated the hot showers after a couple of days without showering!
- Anna, UK - March 22
Skarvheimen Traverse
Challenging, beautiful wilderness experience. Great warm, cosy huts, good food and friendly people. Skiing through fresh snow in the sun was extremely memorable!
- Anna, UK - March 22
Skarvheimen Traverse
Our guide Jason was excellent. He has a high level of mountain skills, is a good ski coach, and demonstrated sound judgement related to safety and skill level of the team.
Skarvheimen Traverse
The trip is an outstanding introduction to touring and hut to hut skiing. The terrain is austere and beautiful, well above tree line with sweeping views. The huts are cozy and congenial and fosters a good group dynamic as the team pitches in on chores. The route was challenging but within reach, and pushed me to refine my off track skiing skills. Highly recommended.
- Sarah, UK - March 22

Introduction to hut-to-hut touring

Jason has a high level of mountain skills, is a good ski coach, and demonstrated sound judgement related to safety and skill level of the team.
- Sarah, UK - Mar 22
Nordic in Norway: Venabu
Ewen was a great instructor - obviously expert, great at conveying information and in his explanations. Good to have a daily morning meet up and then be able to warm up and practice inside. Good sense of humour! Venabu is a stunning location with wonderful scenery and varied ski trails. Ewen was a brilliant instructor, we had a lovely group, and I had a great week. The hotel was fab - friendly, comfortable and lovely hospitality. Plus the food was fantastic!
- Anne, UK - Mar 22
Nordic in Norway: Venabu
The trip was totally enjoyable, the group gelled from the moment we all met. The views were superb and our guide, Ewen, led us on some brilliant tours whilst giving expert tuition. The accommodation was excellent with a very friendly and homely atmosphere. The food was also excellent. It's hard to pick one particular "best" moment but trekking over a frozen lake has to be up there.
- Fran, UK - March 22

Working together is the way to create amazing adventures. At Tracks and Trails it is all about teamwork, and has been since 2006 when Lindsay Cannon and Julia Tregaskis-Allen were living and working in a village in the Swiss Alps. They decided joining forces was the way forward and in that spirit of co-operation Tracks and Trails was created. Today this ethos extends to the way we work with our guests, you talk we listen, with the aim of providing the very best mountain adventure. To achieve this we work with a team of excellent guides and instructors who share our values and love of the outdoors.

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