Skate Skiing Holidays

Skate skiing is a fantastic way to travel over the snow. The technique allows you to travel faster than the 'classic' style of cross country skiing. It does require reasonable fitness, balance and core strength, but with our expert professional instruction you will soon pick it up. 


  • Learn a new ski skill under expert instruction
  • Enjoy getting fit and strengthening your body
  • Experience the amazing 'skate' sensation
  • Get your 'gym' workout on the snow 

Skate skiing was developed as an off-shoot of 'classic' style cross country as a result of the Olympics. Skiers were using a skating motion to climb hills during 'classic' races, and were then excluded due to what was deemed inappropriate and incorrect technique.  As a result a rebel group of skiers helped create different skis, and boots to accommodate the skating motion. Longer poles were also added to give more leverage and push. Today skating is very popular and at some point during your cross-country ski career you will probably feel tempted to try it. We love skating, it's great fun!

For a greater understanding of the various disciplines please refer to our Cross Country Ski Guide or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  


A selection of our most popular Skate Skiing Holidays

7 DaysDURATION Skate SkiingGRADE £1495FROM

Swiss Skate Skiing


The gorgeous Obergoms Valley in Switzerland has just got to be the best for improving your 'skate' ski technique. Wide trails, lots of flat terrain, sunny, and with lots of coffee stop potential. In addition, you have a train to take the strain. Perfect week for those who have always wanted to master 'skating'.

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5 DaysDURATION Skate SkiingGRADE £895FROM

Skate Ski Breaks


Try something different on skis, and take up 'skate' skiing. Superb for fitness and a whole lot of fun! Excellent instruction based in a cosy spa hotel in a gorgeous mountain village. If you enjoy exercise and want a new challenge, then Skate Skiing is the perfect winter goal.

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