Point to Point Track Skiing Holidays

Cross-country 'track' skiing with the experts. We are the only adventure holiday company to be recognised by the British Association of Snowsport Instructors as a Nordic Ski School. We have dedicated years to finding the best track skiing holidays. Enjoy our point-to-point ski tours through stunning mountain landscapes, exploring the tranquility and beauty of a winter wonderland. All of these trips are on pressed ski 'tracks' and use 'classic' style skis. 


  • Enjoy the challenge of a point-to-point journey on skis
  • Experience the hospitality of remote hotels and lodges 
  • Luggage support included so you only carry a lightweight pack
  • Let your ski guide make the decisions, and you just 'tag along'

On our touring trips there is less emphasis on instruction, but we do offer 'coaching on the move'. Our goal each day on a point-to-point is to get to the next destination for our overnight, therefore we do not run structured lessons unless we have free time after arriving at our accommodation.

You will use 'classic' style track skis either with or without metal edges. On some trips we begin with a day of instruction   before leaving on our journey. This is a great way to refresh ski skills. 

For a greater understanding of the various disciplines please refer to our Cross Country Ski Guide or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  


A selection of our most popular Point to Point Track Skiing Holidays

8 DaysDURATION AdvancedGRADE £1995FROM

Ski Traverse of the Jura

France, Switzerland

Ski the best of the Swiss and French Jura. An area rich in history and tradition, the Jura mountains offer perfect Nordic ski terrain. Sample both the famous Grande Traversée du Jura (or GTJ) in France and Trans Jura Swiss with this week long point-to-point ski tour.

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8 DaysDURATION IntermediateGRADE £1895FROM

The Jotunheim Ski Trail


The Jotunheim is famed as a land of stunning mountains and wide open vistas, perfect cross-country ski terrain. This week is an exploration of Sjodalen where we spend the week working our way from north to south up this remote valley. This trip is perfect if you want to improve your technique and enjoy a journey on skis. We enjoy three different hotel locations, linking them on skis with our luggage being taken ahead for us.

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10 DaysDURATION ImproversGRADE £1895FROM

Ski the Finnish Russian Frontier


A unique experience in the forests of Finland as we ski along the Finnish-Russian frontier. Immerse yourself in local tradition, learn the history of this fascinating area, and if we are lucky the Aurora Borealis will light up the skies! A great combination of several days instruction at Finland's top cross country ski area, and then a three day journey along the frontier.

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8 DaysDURATION IntermediateGRADE £1895FROM

The Peer Gynt Trail


If you've been wanting to do a journey on skis, then this is the one for you. Stunning scenery, excellent tracks, and cosy hotels with saunas to welcome you in from the snow. The perfect introduction to cross country touring in Norway.

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Cross Country Skiing Options

Cross Country Ski Lessons

Learn to cross-country ski or improve your technique with our expert instruction.

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Skate Skiing

Develop or learn a new ski skill. Experience the amazing 'skate' sensation!

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Track Touring

Journey point-to-point on our classic style ski tours all on prepared tracks.

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Nordic Touring 'Off Track'

Explore away from the prepared trails hut-to-hut through an arctic wilderness.

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