Travel Advice Links for Covid-19

Written by Lindsay Cannon 21 October 2020

Last modified on 24 November 2021
Confused about where to go? Not sure about what's happening at your destination? Confused about where to go? Not sure about what's happening at your destination?

One of the greatest challenges in running a travel business during the current pandemic is keeping abreast of the changes in restrictions and guidance that is being given by individual countries. These can cover everything from the size of group, number of people in a minibus, eating in a restaurant, who can share a bedroom, when to wear a mask, when to complete an 'arrival' form before travelling, and many many more.

We have pulled together links to each of the countries we travel to in the hope that it might be useful. These are links to the UK Government website referring to the country you are travelling to, and also the Government website of your destination country. We hope it helps and any feedback is welcome. 

We are very grateful to our guests from the other countries around the world who continue to support us, but as a company registered in the UK we have focused on the advice being given by the UK Government as it is this advice which forms our decision about whether a trip can go ahead.


Be aware that your travel insurance may not be valid under certain Covid-19 restrictions imposed by your own Government. It is your responsibility to check what is covered by your insurance. There are a number of companies now covering Covid-19 situations and you can see more details on our insurance page here.


Before travelling we recommend that you check what forms, if any,  might be required for your destination country. Do you need to complete and print any on-line forms before departing? Do you need to print off forms to take with you that will need to be completed before returning to your own country? These are to be found on the Government websites of the countries concerned and are usually listed under 'Covid-19' advice. 

Face Coverings

Check if the airline you are flying with requires a particular type of mask. For example all passengers on flights arriving into Geneva, in Switzerland have to wear a 'proper surgical mask', in other words your home made cotton mask despite looking lovely will not be allowed. Also check other forms of travel and any requirements. Are airlines, or trains serving food? Do you need to bring enough snacks to see you through your journey? Do you need to take your rubbish with you and if so have you a bag to put it in?

Anti-bacterial gel

Make sure you have sufficient gel for your trip in case you are in a remote area and none can be purchased.

Destination advice

We run trips to a range of countries and below we have given links to the UK Government website relating to each country, and the link to the official website of the destination country. We link to the UK Government because we are a British company and operate under UK guidance. We have also added links to other countries from which our guests may be travelling. If you would like us to add any other options please contact us

This is where we do the disclaimer! We cannot be held responsible for the advice given on any websites featured in this text. The information you are looking at may change from one day to the next. This is simply to help as best we can with any search for information with regard to travel rules and Covid-19. 


General website for Europe


Australian Government Guidance


UK Government Guidance 

Austrian Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance 

Bulgarian Official Guidance


Canadian Government Guidance

Czech Republic

UK Government Guidance

Czech Official Guidance   


UK Government Guidance

England Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Finland Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

France Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Germany Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Italy Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Visit Norway Guidance

Norway Government Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Poland Official Guidance


Scottish Government Guidance

Scotland Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Spain Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Sweden Official Guidance


UK Government Guidance

Switzerland Official Guidance

United States of America 

US Government Guidance