The Wonderful Tour de Monte Rosa

Written by Stephen Olivant 19 November 2018

Last modified on 02 November 2023
Stephen descending the glacier to Zermatt Stephen descending the glacier to Zermatt

I joined a friendly group in Saas Grund for the start of the Tour de Monte Rosa. After a cloudy morning on the first day, we were hugely lucky to have almost perfect weather for the next eight days.

Our route went clockwise around the Mote Rosa massif, so from Saas Grund we crossed over the Monte Moro pass and into Italy, then steeply down to Macugnaga for the first night. We then had three excellent days walking up from an overnight stop in one valley head, over a high ridge and down to the next stop in the neighbouring valley head. There were comfy huts/hotels with good Italian food and drink at each location. A strenuous day then took us up to an uncomfortable sleep-deprived night in a hut perched above the Theodule pass on the Italian/Swiss border.

The next day we tip-toed down a slippery glacier for a bit before descending to busy, expensive Zermatt for the night. In the morning we took the underground train up to Sunnegga and followed the Europaweg path contouring above the Mattertal valley. This now includes an impressive 0.5k long suspension bridge built last year to overcome the risk of serious stone-fall on this very loose section.