Norwegian mountain huts are the best in the world! A bold statement, but the character of the huts, combined with the comfortable decor, excellent food, and the remote locations surely make them a strong contender for the title. Add in the incredible honesty system which operates in the self-service huts and you have a world class operation that is hard to beat. Have a look at these images from our Norwegian hut experiences to see what we mean. 

Impossible, miserable, and uncomfortable do not need to be the words that come to mind. How about…liberating, relaxing, and satisfying? What to pack for a mountain adventure always requires thought. One week in the mountains in winter and I am carrying everything I need in a rucksack. Personally I cannot think of anything better than discovering that you can survive with just what's in your 40 litre rucksack.

Ever since we ran our first trips in 2007, we have been committed to keeping the world's most beautiful places pristine by minimising our environmental impact. As protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions becomes an important part of our lives, there are steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprints while holiday planning. Travelling by public transport instead of by plane or car is an easy way in which we can make our travel greener.

We already offer a wide range of cross-country adventures, but now we also give you the chance to get ‘off-track’. By this we mean cross-country skiing away from the prepared trails - a true mountain journey. If you are already a 'track' skier using the prepared trails, or an alpine skier who wants to develop new skills, then this could be for you?

Staying in a mountain hut in a remote and beautiful location is to be savoured. It is a wonderful experience and something which everyone who loves the outdoors should try at least once in their lives. There are many reasons for spending a night in a mountain hut, not least because it allows you to enjoy the high mountains in a wild and natural setting where you can escape the cares of everyday life. Nothing could be more relevant today as we remain in 'lockdown' in our homes. For now we can but dream of those 'mountain nights'.

The Hardangervidda in Norway is one of the most famous winter environments in the world. It is a high wild plateau where travelling on skis is the best way to experience the true wilderness. This stunning mountain landscape is Norway's largest mainland national park and home to herds of reindeer, as well as beaver, arctic fox, and elk. This winter we are offering you the chance to experience the solitude, tranquility and stunning beauty of the Hardangervidda. 

We have just launched four new 'Off Track' tours which involve hut-to-hut long distance journeys on Nordic skis. Our 'Hardanger Classic Crossing' is very familiar to our guest blogger, and guide, Jason Franks who gives us an insight into guiding this world-class ski route. 

How can 'fast packing' skills help you on your next walking holiday? What is fastpacking?

Well it's an interesting term! Is it how quickly you can pack your bag to leave the house on holiday? Or how fast you can stuff all your kit back into your rucksack in the morning to leave the hut (while your guide waits patiently outside)?