Travelling by Public Transport

Written by Lindsay Cannon 24 March 2022

Last modified on 15 September 2022
Travelling by Public Transport
Ever since we ran our first trips in 2007, we have been committed to keeping the world's most beautiful places pristine by minimising our environmental impact. As protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions becomes an important part of our lives, there are steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprints while holiday planning. Travelling by public transport instead of by plane or car is an easy way in which we can make our travel greener.

Reasons to reconsider the way we travel

  • - The most obvious reason for taking public transport is to reduce harmful emissions and protect the environment we enjoy so much!
  • - Travelling by public transport can also be included as part of your holiday, and can be exciting seeing how the scenery changes as you get closer to your destination.
  • - It can also add a greater sense of adventure to your journey and a chance to meet new people, especially if you use car shares.
  • - It's more fun and less stressful when travelling as a family
  • - Travelling by bus, coach and train is usually very spacious and relaxing compared to packed aeroplanes.
  • - You have more time to relax and could even use the time to download a language app, such as Duolingo or Babbel, and learn some key words for your destination!
  • - The rail network across Europe is extremely sophisticated and vast, meaning you can access almost anywhere by train.
  • - The Eurostar is also a very quick way of accessing Europe from the UK (2 hours 15 minutes London – Paris).
  • - When your journey is broken down into stages it allows you more flexibility to explore new cities, e.g. the opportunity to spend a night in Paris on the return.

How to plan travelling by public transport

Planning your journey should be fun.  For planning train travel we recommend using Rail Europe and Trainline to book your tickets and plan routes. 

For travelling by coach, large operators like Eurolines, Flixbus and Ouibus are reliable and inexpensive options. 

Busabout is a great option for those that wish to add a few days travel on before or after their holiday, with discounted excursions included.

For car sharing we recommend sticking to large companies like Rome to Rio and BlaBlaCar.

We do not book travel for our guests but our team know the trips well and are always happy to help and advice on the best travel options for you to join our trips.