Walking in the Verdon Gorge

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 03 November 2008

Last modified on 30 June 2020
Walking in the Verdon Gorge

Europe’s Grand Canyon - the famous Verdon Gorge now features as a Tracks and Trails walking trip.

Having just returned from a rock climbing holiday in the south of France I came back buzzing with tales of the Verdon Gorge. I was climbing and walking there and getting all the logistics together for a new multi-day journey for T&T's next year.


the wonder of the verdon gorge 

I truly think this walk goes through some of the most dramatic and natural scenery in France! The Verdon Gorge is 25km long making it the largest canyon in Europe. The rock cliffs are so impressive and from the top, the river below seems so tiny. But from the bottom in the gorge the sky seems like a dot.

Whilst walking you can witness griffin vultures swooping around and rock climbers plastered to the rock faces. The trails I went on were very varied - from fantastic mountain/rocky scenery to historic mountain villages. The villages are all set in high panoramic venues and have a great selection of restaurants, bars and plenty of museums for local history.

The end of my walk took me to the lake at Moustiers where you can have a sunbathe or hire a pedalo for a closer look at the gorge itself. The itineraries in this area are endless what with the famous GR4 and GR5 also meeting in this area and the lovely lavender fields to explore.

We also offer trail running holidays in the Verdon gorge in spring or autumn.