After over 40 years zipping down ski slopes all over Europe without incident I’d always fancied cross-country skiing – graceful, quiet, relaxing, no snowboarders to avoid and best of all, comfortable boots. So this was how I came to book a three day beginners’ course in Cogne, Italy.

In case you read no further I have to say – it was fantastic. I am already looking forward to booking on an ‘improvers’ holiday next year, no more ‘zombie walking’ for me.....! But was it what I expected? Yes and no.

Italian Ski Breaks

  • 01 August 2018

It's exciting and exhilarating to learn a new winter activity, or at least that is what we find when we introduce our guests to cross country skiing. This type of skiing is also referred to as nordic, langlauf, and ski de fond, depending on which country you are visiting. Julia Tregaskis-Allen has taught all ages; from youngsters of 8 years old, to mature guests of up to 75 years of age. The main thing is a reasonable level of fitness and a good attitude to acquiring new skills. An ability to drink lots of delicious Italian coffee, and wine, and eat a lot of fabulous pasta, and cakes is also a pre-requisite! This is not a boot camp, but an excellent three days of discovering the joys of cross country skiing.