Swiss glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate, some losing six per cent of their remaining volume in one year and far exceeding previous records. As a heatwave hits the Alps we look at the water shortage that is now affecting mountain huts.

Water is not a never ending resource and in the mountains the effect of a changing climate is being felt. We know that the rising temperatures are showing their effects in many parts of the world, but first and foremost in the glaciated mountain regions of the world. The glaciers are melting, the winters are warmer and bringing less snow every year and, as a consequence, the water supplies run low. Mountain huts rely on snow for their water, so if there’s not enough snow in the winter then running the huts in the summer is difficult. How are they going to cope with this situation? Will they be able to survive?

What is trail running? 

According to Wikipedia, 'Trail Running' is a sport-activity which combines running, and, where there are steep gradients, hiking, that is run "on any unpaved surface".  Anyone can trail run, whether this be competitively or just getting out and enjoying the nature.  Here we highlight the key kit you need to get started.

Trail running is great because you don’t need very much to start, a lot of us think we need more than we do. The key is to make sure your gear is safe, useful and light weight.

Ideally you want the minimum gear to travel quickly and as comfortably as possible. But things can change quickly on the trail, such as weather and injury, so you might find yourself taking more than you use. If you’re unsure, try checking local races for mandatory kit checklists and you can often base what you pack accordingly.

Continue reading to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything for your next run.

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A guide to choosing a suitable headtorch for running or hiking, to help light up those dark nights and see you safely through from dusk until dawn.

Whether you’re heading out for an evening run, got caught out as the sun set on a hike, or just finding your way to the campsite facilities, a decent headtorch will make all the difference. Advances in lighting capacity and battery technology now offer us a dazzling range to choose from, depending on our budget and needs. Simple models with minimal adjustment sit alongside more advanced models, offering programmable lighting modes, multiple beams, and even intelligent reactive lighting that economises battery power.

Remember the good old days of fumbling with an OS map in a howling wind, then trying to locate the compass in one of your jacket’s many pockets (only to realise it's embedded firmly at the bottom of your rucksack…)? Remember too the early heart rate monitors that ate batteries, were clunky and didn’t seem to work reliably for more than a few weeks before they’d start to provide inaccurate readings that were off the charts?