Private trips for 2021

Written by Lindsay Cannon 29 November 2020

Last modified on 17 March 2021
On holiday with your own group of friends! On holiday with your own group of friends!

"What's the best way to be sure of a holiday this winter?" A question we are hearing more and more often as we fast approach the winter holiday season. No easy answer, to be honest, as it all depends on government decisions made far from the Tracks and Trails office.

What we can suggest is that booking a private trip, bespoke or tailor-made, whatever you wish to call it, is probably one of the best ways to ensure some winter fun. So consider getting together a group of family or friends, or people you met on previous holidays and we will help you come up with a plan. Create your own 'bubble' of travelling companions. 

what do you mean by a 'private' trip?

We mean a trip which is created just for you, your friends or family. We have a long tradition of creating bespoke trips for groups or individuals who perhaps cannot make the dates we are advertising on the website, who require to complete a trip in less days than advertised, or who simply like to share the experience with their own friends or family. 

Get together with your pals and plan an epic winter trip. 

What do you mean by a 'Scheduled Departure'?

We mean that the trip is advertised to the general public and is available to book on our website. A Scheduled Departure is a group trip on to which anyone with the appropriate experience and fitness can book either as an individual or with friends or family. The number of bookings we will take on such a trip is to be found in the 'At a Glance' box to the right of the trip web page. 

why is a private trip a good idea this winter?

With all the uncertainty surrounding travel and so many different restrictions for each potential destination it is much easier to react to announcements and to any last minute changes if you are a group of friends or family. Quite simply being able to talk to the leader of your group and make a quick decision about whether the trip can go ahead, or agree to any changes affecting travel, can be done more efficiently and quicker than contacting up to eight different people who may have their own differing agendas or opinions. 

For example instead of making a decision about a trip 6 weeks before departure, as per our normal Terms and Conditions, a private group might decide they want to wait until nearer the departure date in a bid to keep all options open. This is something we can negotiate in a bid to ensure the trip has a good chance of going ahead.

Or you might even change your destination country? The plan was to do a week of snowshoeing or cross country skiing in Italy, but suddenly Italy has closed its frontiers, but Norway has opened up. In this scenario, with our extensive knowledge of the countries we work in, we can move quickly to change the venue and provide the best possible options to get you onto the snow! 

Explore a true wilderness with your own group of friends or family and escape from everyday cares.


There are many benefits to having your own private trip. You get to choose the dates, the duration, the country, and of course, your travelling companions.  In these times of 'covid' you also know who will be in your group and this may help create a feeling that you have your own 'travel bubble'. 

In terms of group dynamics you will most likely also know the fitness, attitudes, experience and opinions of your travelling buddies which can all make for a wonderful experience. 

How many of us can book onto a private trip?

For private trips the size of the group is really up to you. We have specific ratios that we work with whether cross country skiing or hiking to ensure safety and enjoyment, however, if you wish to exceed our preferred maximum number we can simply employ a 'second' guide or instructor to cater to the needs of your group. 

Companionship in the winter mountains. an experience to be remembered.


First of all, you are having a trip tailor-made to your own requirements, dates, duration and inevitably that requires more input from Tracks and Trails, in terms of organisation and logistics. So the answer is 'it depends' if you are 'filling' a trip with your private group in which case it would not necessarily be more expensive. Smaller groups inevitably are more expensive per person and we suggest that you contact us to discuss your requirements. Once we have agreed your trip price we are often asked "Is it cheaper per person if we have more people in our group?" and generally the answer is 'no'.

The reason for this is that we are already offering you the best price possible, and if your group size increases that is where we as a company make our profit margin. Some other companies will initially quote the highest price for your group size, and only reduce it if you add more bookings. This puts what may be an unwanted pressure on you to attract other bookings. With Tracks and Trails you are already guaranteed the best price for your group size.  

For more information about our tailor-made tripsspeak to one of our expert team by calling +44 (0) 20 8144 64442 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We offer cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter, and in summer hiking and trail running.