A Story of The Hallingdal Track

Written by Jim Wilkinson 15 April 2019

Along the Hallingdal Track Winter 2019 Along the Hallingdal Track Winter 2019

Tour Memories - from a Forgetful Traveller

Only Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight to go!

I’ve been on many Tracks and Trails tours, this one was both unfamiliar and familiar - The Hallingdal Track in Norway.

Unfamiliar because the terrain, vastness and challenges were not like other trips; familiar because Lindsay, our tour guide, worked tirelessly to make it happen smoothly. No only was the countryside varied but the accommodation was too (one of the reasons why I love T&T); ranging from our first night in a top notch swanky hotel to sharing a country park with reindeer, muskox, wolves (howling) and school kids (behaving!).

The trip is graded “challenging”, quite rightly so. By the end of the week the group reckoned that we could publish an encyclopaedia on different ice forms. I’m risk averse so I tended to let the more accomplished/foolhardy head off down slopes first - if they stayed upright then I had a fighting chance to follow. The downside for those leading was that I did have a tendency to use them (unintentionally) as buffers at the bottom.

There’s a certain exhilaration and satisfaction you feel when you’ve climbed steadily to reach the summit of a passing peak and take in the 360 degree view - the size of Switzerland apparently.