Running Buggy Test

Written by Julia 02 April 2022

Last modified on 06 April 2022
Running Buggy Test

Julia Tregaskis-Allen and Claire Maxted of Wild Ginger Running have made use of their new roles as Mums testing 6 of the best running buggies and multi-sport trailers on the market. After a year on test their review is now complete with all the things we that they would have liked to have known prior to buying one.


Freedom to roam! Traditional buggies are SO limited. Even if you are not a runner the design of these buggies allow you to escape pavements and uniformed paths. Even if it’s just for walks if gives greater access off the beaten track, to access a good picnic site, viewpoint, river side trails, beaches etc. meaning no one is left holding the baby!



WHY A Running Buggy?

Running or jogging with a specialist buggy/stroller enables you to maintain your exercise routine while staying close to your child, as well as get off the beaten track. For many women, whether training for leisure or competition, running has the benefits of efficient physical fitness, a leaner body composition, and a chance to get some well-earned headspace or socialise. There are some important factors for mums to consider before returning to running after having a baby.

Keeping Fit & Healthy with a baby

Ensuring postnatal women are run-ready!

Postnatal exercise: how soon can I start again after a baby?

How does pushing a child in a running buggy affect my running form?

For safety, it’s really important to use a stroller specifically designed for the purpose as conventional buggies are not designed for running speeds. There are also additional features necessary for running safely and comfortably which conventional strollers do not provide. In general running buggies feature:-

- A lightweight frame

- Fold away option with wheels off

- Large air-filled tires and wide wheelbase

- Reclining seat

- Use from 6 months to approximately 4 years

- Newborn option / infant sling

- Sun shade and rain cover

- Suspension makes the ride smooth for both parent and child

- Adjustable handlebar

- A safety strap and handbrake to vary the speed

- Cargo bag provides additional storage space

- High clearance and suspension

- Multi-sport option to; bike, jog, stroll, and ski

- Bike trailers that have a jogging kit will be heavier and bigger than a pure running buggy




- It’s harder to collapse a running buggy with 1 hand if holding the child in the other!

- Running buggies are much longer, harder to manoeuvre in small spaces (shop)

- They usually carry less underneath but trailers will carry more

- Save money and buy a universal accessories like foot muffs

- Your child will face away from you in a running buggy

- Watch the videos and read the handbooks! It seems obvious but it's possible you won't find all the features by trial alone

- The front wheels in buggy mode are often fixed

- Check if the buggy has a double version

- Most require you to buy extras such as the sunshade / waterproof cover





Featured buggies


Out n About Nipper Sport - £335

Thule Glide 2 - £625

Thule Chariot Cross 1 - £950 for bike trailer / stroller kit + £130 for jogging kit + £350 for skiing kit

Burley D'Lite X - £710 for bike trailer / stroller kit + £90 for jogging kit + £295 for skiing kit

Cybex Avi - £480

Mountain Buggy Terrain - £580

If you would like to hire a bike trailer visit Cycle Sprog, and for running buggies and trailers go to Kids Bike Trailers who can help you try before you buy. Ski trailers can be hired in the Gommersport, Obergoms Valley, in the Swiss Alps where the terrain is perfect for cross country skiing. (Check out our beginners cross country ski trip to the Obergoms here.)
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