Team ‘Evie Wonder’ - Miles for Refugees Challenge

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 19 October 2020

Last modified on 21 October 2020
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During September Tracks and Trails Director, Julia Tregaskis-Allen, took part in the ‘Miles for refugees challenge’ with her 4 month old daughter, Eve. Together they walked 160 miles raising £334 to help the British Red Cross support refugees in the United Kingdom. Julia would like to thank all those who supported her with donations and also those of you who joined her on the walks. 

So far, 2020 has been full of challenges. We’ve had to adjust to life in lockdown, without seeing our friends and loved ones for a long time - perhaps the longest we’ve ever gone. Being pregnant during lockdown and having a new born baby during a global pandemic were certainly not things I had expected when becoming a new mum.

For us, lockdown had many positive effects, offering a unique time to truly slow down in preparation for little Evie’s arrival. My husband and I were able to make the most of our home and garden, go on local walks and enjoy the wonderful UK spring weather and wildlife.

It’s without a doubt that becoming a parent changes you and your perspective on life in many different ways forever. Everyone tells you this but it’s only now that I’ve experienced it can I understand it. Switches are flicked inside, your priorities change overnight, and you have a new role in life. Having Eve has been the best mindfulness practice I could ever have asked for – she truly makes you live and love the moment!

I’ve certainly missed being in the Alps this summer but our 160-mile challenge has taken us all over our home county of Derbyshire, the Yorkshire Dales, isle of Anglesey and to the Northumberland coast. So all in all a fabulous UK staycation. Through Miles for Refugees, every mile ‘Team Evie Wonder’ clocked up will help support some of the most vulnerable people - including young children and babies in the UK. So, thank you again for those that supported our walk, you have helped to change the lives of some of these people.

I think we all agree that getting out in the fresh air and exercising can do wonders for our body and soul! And in recognition of World Mental Health Day I’d encourage anyone who is or knows someone in need of support during this unusual time to get out and enjoy their local hills and green spaces. For anyone looking to help others in this way Tracks and Trails support Mountains for the Mind who believe in the power of mountains to change lives.

Being able to share these walks with Eve and spend this time with her has been very special and a fabulous memory - however it was also more challenging than I’d first imagined! Committing to walk on average 5.5 miles per day, either walking with the pram or a sling, with a 5kg-6kg baby and rucksack soon became apparent! If we missed a day we soon knew we were playing catch up!

Having this challenge has been a great way to stay fit, meet friends outside and keep motivated for exercise, mountains and future holidays further afield. As the Covid-19 restrictions continue, I plan to stay in my ‘baby bubble’ for as long as I can. Eve and I will be out and about enjoying walks, the fresh air, the autumn colours and making the most of what’s local around us.

Julia and Eve – ‘Team Evie Wonder’

Last year, the Red Cross supported over 39,000 refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants trying to settle into a new life in the UK. The British Red Cross stands for humanity, and believe that people who seek protection and safety in the UK should be treated fairly and humanely. That’s why Red Cross teams support refugees at every stage of their journey: from helping reunite families torn apart by war, to giving young refugees advice on careers and mental health support, to providing vital food and hygiene packs for families left vulnerable in the UK asylum system. If you would still like to make a donation you can do so on our Miles for Refugees page ‘Team Evie Wonder’.