How to be a more sustainable traveller

Written by Julia 19 September 2019

Last modified on 18 December 2019
Embrace Europes Rail Network Embrace Europes Rail Network

Tracks and Trails was born from a passion for the natural environment and we love sharing our mountain playground with you. But every year, we're sad to visibly see glaciers recede, mountains crumble and more and more extreme weather - all as a direct result of climate change.  2019 - 2020 is our year to make a difference and we are convinced that every little helps.

 1. Consider train travel instead of flying. Europe's train network is fantastic - often just as quick as flying. Plus, taking the train is a very pleasurable way to relax your way into holiday mode; no big queues, security, fewer delays, more leg room. For example, it costs from just 149 euros to travel from London to Geneva by train, and takes 6 hours, 39 minutes. Which, when you factor in travel to the airport, parking time and queues may even mean a quicker door to door travel time. Discover how easy it is with websites like rome2rio and seat61.

2. If flying's still your best option, think about carbon offsetting your flights. We like Plus, look out for our carbon offsetting incentive, coming soon! 

3. Bring your own water bottle and avoid buying single use plastics. Fill up your own bottle whilst travelling from A to B at cafes, water fountains and when safe to do so from rivers whilst on the trails. The water that flows out of the taps in the Alps is often the stuff you buy in bottles at home!

4. If you really need new kit for your holiday - and can’t borrow or buy second hand - buy it online! Online retail therapy is more energy efficient with fewer carbon dioxide emissions than in-store shopping. 

5. Consider what you eat in restaurants. Scientists have argued that not eating beef has more environmental impact than not driving your car. Choose an alternative to beef and consider vegetarian options. Or, if you really fancy that steak, make sure it’s locally sourced. 

6. Those handy little travel bottles are perfect for short trips and hut nights. But please refill them instead of buying more each time you go away. 

7. If you book a hut trip with us, think about where your water is coming from and how to help conserve it. Not all huts have running water, so who cares if you’re a bit muddy or dusty? Embrace it as part of your mountain experience and choose to reduce your shower time. Please be mindful of keeping it short and turning the water off while you lather up.

8. Make your own trail mix and bars rather than buying ready-made ones. Buy in bulk and you'll save cash and packaging. We love these 21 ideas for trail mixes - there really is something to satisfy any taste. 

9. Bring biodegradable bags - for your snacks, sandwiches, on-mountain waste. And reuse them when you can. 

10. Use your voice. If you share our passion for protecting the mountains and our natural environment, then help us shout about it. We support Protect Our Winters. Tell your friends via social media about the changes and choices you've made. Friends and family are proven to be your biggest influencers!