10 Reasons to go hiking this summer

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 26 April 2018

Last modified on 21 August 2018
10 reasons to go hiking 10 reasons to go hiking

With temperatures rising and snow clearing from the trails, it’s an excellent time to start making summer plans. Why not put a multi-day hiking trip on your agenda? Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or taking your first trip there are walking trips for all levels.

If you need a little inspiration to get you in the mood, here are 10 reasons why a hiking trip could be just what you need this summer.

1. Health and well-being

Walking is an excellent way to maintain fitness and general health. Studies show that even a short walk outside for 20 minutes can reduce stress and boost your immune system. It also does wonders for clearing your mind and stimulating creativity. Thanks to its low-impact nature, it’s also suitable for most abilities, and requires minimal equipment. Hiking is good for you, and if done regularly over increasingly longer distances and on hilly trails it can be an ideal way to get fit. Plus, with the extra equipment required for longer walks the heavier rucksack will add to your exercise gains.

2. Scenery

The landscape around you is breathtaking. Often hiking trails take you to places only accessible on foot, allowing you to enjoy undisturbed natural environments.

3. Go somewhere new

A hiking trip gives you a perfect opportunity to visit a new place around the world and combine it with a 'theme'. Such as the mountains and flowers on the Mont Blanc Trail or Classic Haute Route to coastlines and history crossing Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana (to name just a few!).

4. Get off the beaten track

To truly have a break for the norm explore nature on less well known trails like the Tour des Combins through Italy and Switzerland or Hikes in Hidden Tuscany.

5. Nature bathing

Nature’s benefits to health are well documented. The Japanese even have a term for it: Shinrin-yoko (taking in the forest atmosphere or forest bathing), with doctors prescribing it as a treatment for all kinds of health issues. Time spent in nature can be an excellent way of relaxing and uncluttering your mind.

6. Meet friends: old and new

Walking on your own can be very therapeutic, but it’s also an excellent social activity! Joining an organised walking trip can lead to new friendships through an inspiring shared experience. Something you can then plan to do as friends, with your family, independently, or on another group tour.

7. Achievable objectives

A set hiking itinerary can give you a defined goal to focus on. This can help with committing to regular fitness and provides a great excuse to explore local walking trails.

8. Experience different cultures

Choosing a hiking route in a new country or area exposes you to different languages, food and traditions. It’s a perfect opportunity to step outside your familiar routine and expand your horizons.

9. Learn something

Whether it’s learning how to identify an unknown summit on the horizon, or a rare bird perched on a tree, there’s always something to learn out on the trails. Multiple books and apps can help with self-learning, but there’s something to be said for the knowledge and skills of a qualified guide to accelerate the learning process.

10. Sleep in a mountain hut

A multi-day hike often involves a night or two in a mountain hut or ‘refuge’. Strategically located in the heart of the mountains, each hut has its own character and charm. Some offer separate rooms and showers, while others are more basic with large dormitories. One thing’s for sure though, after a long day on the trail you’ll appreciate whatever they have to offer! It’s always an unforgettable experience and highly rated by all of our guests.