Written by Lindsay Cannon 26 November 2011


We have just had an article written by Lindsay about snowshoeing published on the site. If you would like to try snowshoeing, or even if you are a fan already, then this gives you a good feel for the enjoyment to be had of a walk in winter.

Snowshoeing: The Forgotten Art?

The thing about boys and new toys is that they always have to push them to the limits. Sometimes give an 'old boy' a new toy and he will be even more determined to see just exactly what it can do. On this particular occasion my 'other half' was crunching his way across a neve slope with the prospect of a very quick freefall descent to Chamonix if he blew it. The annoying thing was that I was supposed to be introducing him to snowshoeing! It had somehow turned into him showing me how it should be done. I wonder if any other mountain folk have had the same experience with their partners

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