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New Horizons: Off Track Off Piste

If you are looking to develop your cross country skiing then you may wish to experience new horizons in the form of 'off track, off piste' skiing. While Tracks and Trails specialise in 'track' skiing, our partners at the Telemark Ski Company are experts in 'off track'.

When referring to 'off track' or 'off piste' we simply mean that you are taking your skis into areas where there are no prepared trails and you will be very much making your own track across the landscape. It is a fabulous way to explore the mountains, and is an opportunity to develop your Nordic skiing skills.

If you do wish to try 'off track, off piste' skiing then we would expect you to have the following experience, skills, and ambitions:

  • you have developed 'classic' technique in the tracks
  • done some 'skate' skiing technique
  • skied at a number of Nordic track venues
  • already experimented with skiing 'off track', even just short distances
  • you feel the need to improve your downhill skills on Nordic skis
  • dreamed of making a multi-day journey through untouched snowy landscapes
  • heard of the joys of Norwegian 'hut to hut' touring
  • seen other skiers link graceful telemark turns and feel inspired to give it a go

Our partners at the Telemark Ski Company provide courses and tours that will help you reach those new horizons:

  • develop skills & confidence for off-track ski touring and hut-to-hut touring
  • experience centre-based off-track touring on metal-edged Nordic equipment
  • join ‘Intro’ hut-to-hut tours in the Norwegian plateaus and mountains
  • enhance your downhill skills on Nordic / free-heel skis
  • learn and develop telemark technique
  • join Nordic touring groups in the remoter areas of Norway, Sweden and Iceland

Visit The Telemark Ski Company website by clicking on this link, or please click to E-mail us direct for more information.