Train to Trek

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 01 April 2012

Last modified on 21 July 2020
Feel your best on your walking holiday Feel your best on your walking holiday

WHY TRAIN FOR A WALKING HOLIDAY? It’s just a long walk, right? Not a race! So why train? Alpine walking holidays offer unbeatable views and memories but it should not be under estimated as to how challenging it can be on the body. The fitter you are the more likely you’ll enjoy every step of your holiday, and it's more likely you are to complete each day in good time with ease. The aim of adding some training in before your trip to the Alps is it will ensure that each day on trail is well within your comfort zone – ie easy! – rather than a struggle. 


get fit for your walking holiday

Trekking, especially multi day journeys at higher altitudes, shouldn't be under taken lightly. Our walks are always broken down into manageable chunks according to the stated itinerary. We ensure you will have plenty of opportunity to rest, eat and drink but we do need to get from A-B each day and is often not just a gentle walk!

Getting to your accommodation at the end of each day with plenty of time to relax and with plenty of energy left in reserve will ensure that you have time to recover, dry your kit (if necessary!), eat and rehydrate well – ready for the next day.
The fitter you are before you leave, the easier each day will be, download, read on to find out how....

Join us trekking in the Alps and put your new fitness to good use this summer!