There is snow in the Jura

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 13 February 2011

Last modified on 20 July 2020
Amazing Views! Amazing Views!

The Alps have decided it's Spring February! 5 weeks of high pressure has brought us blue sky and sunshine for weeks on end (yawn, yawn!). So the past few weeks we've been able to enjoy 'spring skiing' with light weight gear whilst enjoying some rays. Not all bad really.


join us in the jura

Due to these warm conditions the low lying Jura cross country ski trails have been effected so our Grand Traverse of the Jura has been adapted to a Jura 'Highlights' where we make a traverse of the Jura reaching all the high points where the snow is still in good condition, 6 different nordic areas are open across the region. We are due some snow this week though so we shall see how much it brings....Julia

Explore the magical Jura mountains with us this winter. We offer two cross country ski holidays in the area: Grand Traverse of the Jura and Trans Jura Swiss.