Superb Skiing in the Jura

Written by Lindsay Cannon 03 February 2010

Last modified on 02 July 2020
Silent Forests Silent Forests

We are having a fantastic week traversing the Jura mountains on the French/Swiss border. The snow conditions really are wonderful with a great cover providing us with a landscape of silent forests and sparkling snowflakes. We have eight clients who are embracing the challenge of the Grand Traverse du Jura or GTJ, which is a truly classic long distance cross country ski covering just over 170 km.


travelling fast and light

With the luggage being transferred daily to the next accommodation it means light rucksacks and the chance to really enjoying the skiing without carrying too much weight. Each day we are skiing around 25 km, and the team are doing well, with muscles settling into the rhythm of skiing.

Some team members have demonstrated one or two interesting 'acrobatic' movements which have impressed the Guide!! However, all is well, and there seem to be smiling faces at the end of each day with any aches soon forgotten over a 'vin chaud'. Tonight there may be a bit of a party as we reach the 100 km mark today! We are currently on day four of our journey, and aim to reach Giron on saturday night.

We offer two Jura cross country holidays: The classic Grand Traverse of the Jura and the more unusual Swiss Jura Traverse