Is 72 the New 30?

Written by Julia Tregaskis-Allen 04 January 2015

Julia in Norway - ISIA TICK! Julia in Norway - ISIA TICK!

In 2007, aged 30, I began to follow my passion for Nordic skiing and start the journey of adding it to my sports coaching skill set.

With the encouragement and enthusiasm from both Nigel Williams(my previous employer at Scotland's National Outdoor Training Centre Glenmore Lodge) and Tania Noakes (now an IFMGA guide and BASI Nordic Trainer) I qualified as a Nordic Ski Instructor through BASIthe British Association of Snowsport Instructors.

Some 7 years, several courses, assessments and sliding on white stuff later I am now delighted to have reached BASI's highest Nordic Ski Teaching level. Having then completed further modules & courses including a second snowsport discipline I am now a member of the International Ski Instructors Association. Yeeha!

As part of the ISIA students must complete a research paper on a element of snowsport teaching. Using my background as a personal trainer and interest in health and fitness I chose to research age in relation to snowsport. My study appropriately entitled 'Is 72 the New 30?' explores the ages of those participating in snowsport, the physiological signs of ageing and how we can stay fit & healthy on the slopes later on in life.

My research did of course did conclude that ageing is not something that we can hide from, but we can reduce some of the physical effects of ageing with a balance of a healthy eating and taking regular exercise, which therefore has positive results not just in respect of our snowsports but throughout life.

If not teaching I certainly plan to still be skiing at 72 and hope you do to!


You can download my research project here. Thoughts & feedback most certainly welcome.

BASI Level 4 Project - Julia Tregaskis-Allen.pdf 608.34 kB

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