Grand Traverse of the Jura - Completed with Style!

Written by Lindsay Cannon 06 February 2010

Last modified on 02 July 2020
'N' on the final stretch! 'N' on the final stretch!

So here we are in Giron after 8 days of crossing the Jura mountains on the GTJ (Grand Traverse of the Jura). 175 km and more later and 'N' has stuck with it, improved his technique and on the last day was leading the pack to the finish line. The team have been great fun this week and eight stalwarts gritted their teeth in the face of a blizzard this morning and followed Julia through the silent snow covered forests as they completed the final 30 km.


congratulations to everyone who completed the GTJ

A quick stop at the Grange de l'Errance for afternoon vin chaud and excellent chocolate cake and the GTJ was in the can! Well done to all who joined us for this adventurous journey across one of region's best kept secrets!

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