Filming for the Mountains - A Sustainability Project

Written by Lindsay Cannon 15 June 2009

Last modified on 30 June 2020
filming on Ben Lawers filming on Ben Lawers

I've just spent two days working on a project to save one of our rarest mountain habitats. The aim is to produce a new DVD to be distributed by the charity, Action for Mountain Woodlands . Montane Scrub, which is made up of the likes of juniper, dwarf willow and birch, is disappearing fast from our mountain sides. Over-grazing by sheep and deer isn't helping the plight of a habitat which dates back 14,000 years.


about action for mountain woodlands 

Action for Mountain Woodlands is hoping that creating a DVD explaining what Montane Scrub actually is, and why it should be protected, will encourage more people to help preserve it for the future. It's a habitat which all of us who visit the mountains will pass through but I bet most of us dont really notice as we head up the hill with our sights set on the summit. Next time you are out maybe take a few minutes to check whether these 'little gems' are underfoot.

Anyway, it was great to be asked to present the DVD and for Tracks and Trails to do something to protect this fragile environment. I had two great days working with the team from Blue Stone Film on both Ben Lawers, in Highland Perthshire, and also in the Cairngorms. It was a reminder of how special our mountain landscape is. One of the high points was seeing two Capercaillies deep in the beautiful Caledonian Pine Forest near Glenmore. I will let you know when it's published and hopefully you will want to view it to see what you can do to help our mountain environment.

We would love to share our passion and knowledge about the Scottish Highlands with you - come and walk the West Highland Way with us to find out more about why this part of the world is so special.