Film work with the BMC

Written by Lindsay Cannon 23 October 2008

Last modified on 30 June 2020
Film crew at work Film crew at work

Filming with the British Mountaineering Council 

Tracks and Trails has been involved in the latest instructional DVD to be produced by the British Mountaineering Council. It's the third time I have been asked to provide the commentary for this excellent series of films and it's great to be involved in producing educational and inspirational material for outdoor enthusiasts.


Capturing the mountains on video

So far in the 'Essentials' series there has been Winter Essentials, and Alpine Essentials and now soon to appear in the shops is Hill Walking Essentials. Each DVD has a main film usually in the form of a day out where we look at the basic techniques required, but they also have many chapters covering each subject in more detail. You can get the DVD from the British Mountaineering Council or the Mountaineering Council of Scotland However, you may of course have heard enough of me if you have been on a trip with Tracks and Trails!

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