Covid-19: Managing the risks on holiday

Written by Lindsay Cannon 11 July 2020

Last modified on 21 October 2020
'Social Distancing' mountain style 'Social Distancing' mountain style

Changed times, strange time for travellers. We are all having to adjust to living with Covid-19, and to travelling with new measures in place. We suspect that these measures may be the norm for some time to come, and it is clear that many of you are ready to travel again, but would like to know what is being done to keep you safe. Here we have identified the various procedures in place that will help to reduce risk of Covid-19 while you are on a trip with Tracks and Trails. We have aimed to provide a brief and clear outline to address various concerns. 

Now international travel is possible, it's up to us all to be responsible travellers – to protect ourselves, and those around us. Here’s how we are working with you, our guides  and suppliers to ensure we are all doing our best to reduce the risk from Covid.


Firstly, we ask that you do not come on holiday if you are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19. We also ask this of our guides and instructors who work on your trips.


Our holidays are in the mountains, so naturally your exposure to crowds is limited. When we pass other guests on the trails or walk through towns, make sure you respect a 2 metres distance as you pass others. 


Our suppliers are legally bound to follow strict health and safety guidelines, though clearly this varies from country to country. This may mean single flow traffic through the property, limited capacity in rooms and restaurants, as well as additional cleaning and sanitising. 


On trips where we use public transport, masks are obligatory in France, and indeed we would advise this for any country you are visiting (bring at least one spare). Each region is managing their transport policy locally, but all buses and trains are run with limited capacity, ventilated and sanitised regularly.


For your picnic lunch buy food you can peel, avoid single use plastic bottles and limit visits to shops. Buddy up with a trip mate and shop for two or more people. Make sure you wear a mask and sanitise your hands before and after. 


When making payments for souvenirs/bar bills/lunch food etc consider using a credit card rather than cash. This is not always possible in remote locations or with small family businesses, but we suggest you do so when you can to avoid handling paper notes. 


For trips where we stay in mountain huts, be extra vigilant with hand sanitiser and mindful of what you touch. Bring your own light sleeping bag and if possible an inflatable pillow, avoiding shared bedding. Huts now have stringent cleaning rules, and other measures are also in place to keep 'groups' together in one dormitory room to avoid cross contamination. Again these rules vary from country to country, and we will do what we can to supply you with information on the practice which is being followed at your destination. 


If possible, we eat outside to minimise exposure. If inside, restaurants in Europe are operating on reduced capacity, with increased space between tables. All restaurants follow strict additional cleaning and sanitising measures. Waiting staff will be wearing masks and washing hands regularly. 


Let’s make our 'COVID-SAFE' behaviours automatic habits. In social situations, avoid shaking hands, hugging or kissing. Bumping elbows in greeting is now the preferred option. Choose to sit alongside fellow guests where possible, rather than opposite each other. Don’t share food or drinks. Finally, smile – you’re on holiday!  


Masks x 2, hand sanitiser, hand wipes, & water bottle. If your trip involves staying in a mountain hut you will require a sleeping bag, and pillow cover as a minimum. Check with us if it is not clear.

We would like to point out that Tracks and Trails Ltd cannot be held responsible if any of the above points are not being met by suppliers, accommodation or others we meet on the mountain. Clearly we will not know what is happening on a day to day basis at a remote mountain hut, or a remote hotel until we arrive. If you do have any issues with the behaviour of our suppliers, accommodation or others we will do our best to discuss/rectify the situation. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss anything with regard to your trip. No concern is too small or insignificant.

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