Cairngorms Conditions

Written by Lindsay Cannon 01 November 2008

Last modified on 30 June 2020
Snowy Scotland Snowy Scotland

It's a winter wonderland in Scotland at the moment. It's only 1st November and today on Cairngorm it was a perfect winter day to be out in the mountains. I honestly have never seen so many ski tourers out, ever!

Winter routes were also attracting plenty of climbers. I saw teams on Savage Slit and ran into Mountain Guide John Lyall, who had just done Deep Throat with John Jones. Apparently, the climbing was in 'great nick' and providing excellent fun.


ski touring in scotland

I went round the Northern Corries on my skis and the base was excellent - in fact as good as I have seen it. The photo is taken at the top of Ewan's Butress and as you can see there is a good covering. So let's hope the snow stays for while, and certainly with the current cold temperatures it could be here for a while. At present you can ski from and to your car. Off ski touring again tomorrow in the hope of more beautiful snow. It only takes a day out in these conditions for me to be fired up for winter and a season in the Alps. Fingers crossed that more is to come!

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