Nordic Walk, Trail Running in the Alps

Trail Running, Nordic Walking and Well-being Holidays in the Alps

Enjoy the Swiss, French and Italian Alps while benefiting from healthy exercise and pure alpine air. We also take bookings for the Scottish Highlands and the English Peak District. With Tracks and Trails you can:

  • Experience an unmatched 'outdoor gym' with some of the finest views in the world!
  • Receive expert instruction and guiding from qualified professionals
  • Get fit and relax in a stunning alpine environment
  • Explore ancient tracks and trails steeped in history

Trail Running in the Alps

Trail Running in the Alps has to offer one of the best experiences to those who enjoy running in mountain terrain. We'll share with you some of the finest views in the world; from snow capped peaks and glistening glaciers to pine scented forests.

We offer the experience to boost your fitness and learn the technique to run in a variety of locations and mountain terrain on our coached Trail Running Camps and also guided multi-day runs from 4-6 day link trail itineraries.

Best Health & Fitness Retreat of 2015 

Voted by the Sunday Telegraph as the best health & fitness retreat for 2015! Combine exercise, good food and like minded people with the towering beauty of the French Alps as a playground and join one of our Chamonix alpine Trail Running Camps.

Nordic Walking in the Alps and the UK

Nordic Walking began as summer training for cross country skiers, but now Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing health activities in Europe. It's a form of walking using very light weight poles which encourages you to use 90% of all muscles.

Nordic Walking in France 

For 2015 we have 3 different Nordic walking holidays in France. A Nordic Walking weekend with optional yoga in the Alpine town of Chamonix, a Deluxe Walking Week with Yoga from our luxury chalet in the Aravis plus an opportunity to Nordic Walk in Provence and through 'The Verdon Gorge' on our guaranteed point-to-point departure. Download the Verdon Gorge Nordic walk full details here:

Well-being Holidays in the Alps

Well-being trips are increasing in popularity as more people than ever before seek to de-stress and recover from the grind of everyday life. The healing qualities of time spent in the mountains are well documented.

I loved the 'breath of fresh air' in the great outdoors! I didn't realise I could get so much fun and exercise out of a set of poles!

Mavis Paterson, Dalbeattie on Nordic Walking in Scotland

Cross Country Skiing 

So you walk, run, cycle or workout regularly but feel the effect of the winter blues? Try cross country skiing to maintain and build that fitness level during the winter months. Learn or develop an excellent method of winter ‘cross-training’ by trying both skating and classic ski styles. One of the most aerobic of sports and yet low impact on the joints, this form of exercise is a great way to improve your fitness - at all levels.


A Runner's High 

REVIEWS!!! Our running camps have been joined by many keen sporty journalists including; Susan Greenwood writing for the Guardian, Claire Maxted for Trail Running Magazine, Ben Arogundade for the Telegraph and Katy Dartford for Zest Magazine and Sport Sister. To read these & more reviews go to our News and Press pages.

Tailor-Made Trips

We offer bespoke health and fitness holidays where you choose your own dates, places to visit, style of accommodation and budget. It's the perfect solution, design your own holiday, but without having to make all the bookings.


Our Partners 

Tracks and Trails work as clothing Ambassadors and testers for both Scott Running and Lole clothes.