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Tracks and Trails in the Media

Tracks and Trails has been receiving great coverage! We hope you enjoy reading some of the articles which have featured on TV, and radio as well as a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Trail Running Magazine - Gear Review

Get fully kitted up this summer with all the best trail gear available.

As part of the June/July 2014 Trail Running Magazine bumper gear review trail running guide, Julia Tregaskis-Allen, was asked to test 4 of the best poles currently on the market. You can now download the full article here:

TR Kit on Test.pdf 547.40 kB

Trail Running Magazine Feature

Trail Running mag went off-road in Chamonix with the Torq Trail Team and guided by Julia from Tracks and Trails this summer. Reviewed here written by Claire Maxted of Trail Running Magazine Julia led a 3 day camp for a group of endurance runners on their first Alpine trails & altitude experience.

Read our full article:

BMC Gear Review 2014

Lindsay has just been featured in the British Mountaineering Council magazine, Summit! Now, you too can kit yourself out like an International Mountain Leader. Never, thought she would be held up as a 'model' example of mountaineering chic!

Download article:

Adventure Travel Magazine - Mountain Trail Running

Mountain Trail Running

Tracks and Trails running guide, Julia Tregaskis-Allen, was joined by journalist Sarah Stirling in the mountains for a 'recce run' across the Jura. Sarah, a freelance journalist, writing for the Adventure Travel Magazine explored the trails both by foot and by bike scouting out Julia's next guided running trails.

You can read Sarah's article here where she finds out about this charming, friendly, historic mountain region of France.

Inspired? Join us on the full run week Trail Run the Monts Jura

Telegraph Magazine

Tracks and Trails featured in a February 2012 Telegraph Magazine as one of their 'Four of the Best Fitness Holidays'. Download the article to find out more.

Trail Running Review

Journalist Katy Dartford experienced a Spring Trail Running weekend with us, complete with, old snow and great food Katy tells gave this review on website.

Zest Magazine - Trail Running Review

Travel Extra - Outdoor Fitness

The Observer Newspaper

Following our June trail running week last year, World Champion Athlete & Mountain Leader, Lizzy Hawker was interviewed by the Observer newspaper. Lizzy, a sponsored athlete, coaches with Julia on the Tracks and Trails summer trail running week. Her passion to run, race and discover the mountains is inspirational. Download and read all about her training, background and next ventures in the Observer newspaper.


We have just had an article written by Lindsay about snowshoeing published on the site. If you would like to try snowshoeing, or even if you are a fan already, then this gives you a good feel for the enjoyment to be had of a walk in winter.