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Norwegian Dates

Cross Country Skiing Scheduled Departures

Enjoy professional cross country ski tuition and guiding whether you are a beginner or just wanting to improve. Our Norwegian holidays are either track skiing or touring holidays. Choose from either hotel based or hut to hut touring where you experience a journey through vast open landscapes. Join a group of people with a similar sense of adventure and let us look after you this winter.

These tours are run in association with our providers of Nordic, Telemark & Alpine courses and tours throughout Scandinavia.

NEW! The Peer Gynt Trail

North west of Lillehammer in Norway is the Peer Gynt Løype (meaning 'trail' in Norwegian): it's a 'prepared track' ski trail between Espedalen and Skeikampen. Named after a local Norwegian hero, then characterised into fiction by author Henrik Ibsen, our tour skis the entire route in what is known as 'Peer Gynt Country'.

Skiing entirely on prepared trails, we make our way from the Espedalsvatn fjord along the Peer Gynt Way. Characterised by rolling hills with rounded ridges, we pass through Norwegian farmland, woods and frozen lakes whilst accompanied by the breathtaking peaks of both the Rondane and Jotunheim mountains.

  • Ski in full the renowned Peer Gynt Løype
  • Warm up day in Espedalen & chance to learn how to use ski waxes
  • Perfect first point to point tour and introduction to the beauty of Norway
  • A guided 5-day 100km 'track' ski tour led by a BASI Nordic Ski Teacher
  • Luggage transferred whilst you ski
  • All meals included
  • All transfers from Oslo to both the start and end point of the tour
  • Accommodation in comfortable hotels - single rooms available

The mountains in the World of Peer Gynt offer ideal cross country skiing terrain. The stable inland climate ensures good snow conditions throughout the winter. Most of the route is at 900 – 1100m running through beautiful varied terrain with a mix of bare mountains and birch forests. The ski style used is 'classic' cross-country ski technique entirely on prepared tracks which can be skied on 'waxable' or 'fishscale' skis.

NEW! Jotunheim Traverse

The Jotunheim region of Norway dominates the landscape for miles around. Home to Norway's highest mountain, the Galdhöpiggen at 2469m, this majestic rocky mountain range boasts superb Nordic touring with an almost Alpine feel.

This tour follows a classic south to north route providing a great way of skiing through this quieter area between the popular Hardangervidda & Finse area to the the well-known Jotunheim. The tour ends at one of best and most important lodges of the northern Jotunheim having skied passed some of the most dramatic peaks in the country.

Enjoy a nice balance of staffed lodges and self-service lodges – with a charming farmhouse style guest house at the start! The self-service huts are a delight and set in remote and very quiet locations and the staffed lodges provide islands of ‘luxury’ to enjoy.

  • 5 days of hut-to-hut touring and a 1-day tour
  • Captivating peaks and plateaus
  • Challenging distances with less technical ups & downs!
  • Stay in traditional Norwegian cabins
  • Join the Skarvheimen region with the rarely-visited plateau country of the Filfjell then onto craggy peaks of the Jotunheim
  • Ski around the Galdhöpiggen, Norway’s highest rocky peak & glacier
  • A Nordic hut-to-hut tour with a real ‘crescendo’!

Two Week Option 

Join us a week earlier and combine with the ‘Skarvheimen Traverse’ tour from Finse (graded Intermediate making it an ideal warm up) for a unique 2 week tour across both the Skarvheimen and the Jotunheim.

Venabu: Tracks and Tours

This week is for ‘introductory’ to ‘intermediate’ Nordic skiers looking for top quality day tours with the benefit of a qualified instructor/leader who will be able to give coaching whilst ‘on the move’. This allows you to do straight away what most people going to ski in Norway would like to do: go out touring and enjoy the hills, plateaus and forests on skis!

The terrain is quite gentle and the distances can be quite short; at the start of the week perhaps up to 10 or 12km, then gradually increasing as the week progresses to give some ‘good days out’. Every day will include some coaching, and in this way we can ensure you will be confident and ready for each day’s touring.

  • Develop your Nordic skiing technique, enjoy centre-based half and full-day tours
  • Ideal skiing terrain of plateaus, hills and forest with the stunning backdrop of the Rondane mountains
  • Comfortable and hospitable base to return to each day
  • Ski coaching and day tours both on-track and off-track

For intermediate skiers there will be plenty of challenges; the week will prove ideal to refresh and consolidate skills and to develop experience and confidence in your off-track skiing – as well as have some excellent day tours!

By the end of the week skiers of all levels will have the satisfaction of having completed several good day tours in untracked snow. You'll also have developed your skiing and confidence to new levels while having enjoyed fantastic views across the valley to the Jotunheim mountains or towards the Rondane. The experience will also prepare you for more ambitious day tours and/or hut-to-hut tours in the future!

Heroes of Telemark: The Raid

Join us in Norway for the 71st Anniversary of the legendary ‘Heroes of Telemark’ raid to stop the nuclear ambitions Axis powers. This is a unique opportunity to retrace, visit and savor the extraordinary raid involving Norwegian and British servicemen to sabotage the heavy water atomic plant near Rjukan in 1943.

This Nordic skiers 'must do' tour is designed for our 'Advanced Nordic Tourers' wishing to not only absorb the historic events but also complete a challenging & remote tour in the footsteps of our Heroes of Telemark.

  • Retrace the routes of the raid & visit the remote hideouts on the plateau where the servicemen hid
  • See the site of the sabotage of the heavy water plant & visit the Vemork Museum
  • Ride the cable-car to the plateau and follow the escape route across the Hardanger Plateau
  • Complete a point-to-point tour across the northern Hardangervidda (plateau)
  • 7.5 days skiing in this Arctic wilderness
  • Ski wide open spaces with extensive views to hills and icecaps beyond

Finse Circular

The essence of this trip is a clockwise tour of areas generally to the east of Finse, including a loop through the Hallingskarvet range, crossing the Oslo – Bergen railway at Haugastol and up onto the Hardanger plateau (Hardangervidda) to complete the circle by skiing just below the Hardanger icecap back to Finse.

  • A circular hut-to-hut tour exploring the craggy valleys, lakes and passes
  • Savour the vast wilderness of the Arctic landscape
  • Excellent accommodation and a good mixture of longer and shorter touring days, with 2 hut-based days
  • An excellent first hut-to-hut tour and ideal for those looking for a late season skiing week

Two Week Option 

Combine with the preceding Geilo & Finse week for a superb 2 week Nordic experience; develop your skills and confidence in the 1st week, put it all into practice on the 2nd week!

Skarvheimen Traverse

Enjoy traversing the Skarvheimen region passes over rolling hills, high plateaus and open wide valleys marked with frozen lakes and dark rock features. We ski from Finse, at the highest point of the Oslo - Bergen railway which, once you have stepped off the train, has such a remote feel.

Habitation in the area is minimal; you'll find just a hotel, our DNT lodge, a few holiday homes and rather a lot of snow! The area is thus unspoilt and beautifully wild. Above Finse is the brooding mass of the Hardanger Icecap, adding to the sense of Arctic wildness and wide open spaces. From here we begin our traverse to Breistolen.

  • Ideal as a first hut-to-hut tour
  • Relaxed days with plenty of options for different energy and aspiration levels
  • Cross wild open spaces in winter
  • A south to north, point-to-point tour through the Hallingskarvet mountains and across the high plateaus

Two Week Option 

Combine with the ‘Jotunheim Traverse’ for a fantastic 2 week journey on skis from the Oslo-Bergen railway to Spitertsulen, right through the high peaks of the Jotunheim.

Geilo & Finse: Pistes, Trails & Tours

This trip spends time in the villages of Geilo and Finse giving us the chance to explore two areas. We begin in Geilo which is small and picturesque with many buildings of typical Norwegian style. It is set in scenic, wooded surroundings, close to a lake and provides us wtih 130km of prepared track. The slopes on either side rise to plateaux then mountains beyond. Then on day five we take the train Finse where it is often possible to ski straight off the station platform! We spend the rest of the trip touring the area in an arctic landscape of snowy hills and glacier comprising a mix of day and/or multi-day tours, with coaching, amongst an awe-inspiring, Arctic landscape of snowy hills & glaciers.

  • 3 Days of Intensive instruction, developing confidence and experience on Nordic skis
  • Instruction and guiding on piste and experience hut to hut touring
  • Touring in an awe-inspiring Arctic landscape of hills and glaciers
  • Excellent preparation for more ambitious hut to hut tours in Norway

Two Week Option 

Combine with the following week’s ‘Finse Circular’ tour for a superb 2 week Nordic experience; develop skills & confidence the 1st week, put it into practice the 2nd week!


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