Cross Country Skiing, Nordic Skiing in the Alps, Norway

Cross Country, Nordic, Skiing Holidays in the Alps and Norway

Cross country skiing in resorts or ski tour hut-to-hut through remote regions

Enjoy gliding through alpine valleys and forests...

  • No matter what your age or ability
  • While improving your well-being in a stunning landscape
  • Try different cross country techniques, both classic and skating
  • It's the perfect winter cross-training for fitness enthusiasts

Cross Country Skiing is often called Nordic Skiing and is one and the same! Cross country skiing gives a great sense of freedom and with ski tracks in a variety of terrains and locations it's a fabulous way to experience the Alps or Norway.

No matter what your age you can still learn to cross country ski. Indeed, it's an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Cross country skis are slender, lightweight and very easy to use.

It's also a great way to improve fitness. Cross country skiing can be, if you want it to be, a very aerobic activity, which makes it an ideal activity for winter cross-training. Or, you can take your time and just enjoy 'being there'.

Sunday Times Travel Section 10 November 2013 

On Sunday 10 November our epic cross country ski journey 'Grand Traverse of the Jura' was featured as a 'Must Do' trip! Sunday Times journalist Jez Lazell decided our trip was just what he was looking for to encourage cross country skiers to take to take to the hills this winter.

It was a fantastic cross country ski-ing holiday and I feel privileged to been in the position of being able to learn so much from you.

Jenni Roberts, Wales