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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing (also known as Nordic Skiing)


These trips are designed for newcomers, those who have had some time away from cross country skiing, skiers wanting further instruction or a refresher before moving on to our Intro Plus or Intermediate trips. Previous alpine ski experience could be helpful but not essential. Full instruction is given on the ski techniques and equipment. All skiing will take place on prepared tracks on relatively flat terrain. In the Alps these are classed as a 'green' slopes. Instruction will also be given on how to initiate a basic 'snowplough' to enable you to control your skis on low level slopes with optional practice being given on some 'green' and 'blue' slopes. We will expect you to have a reasonable level of fitness so that you can be active and on skis over the course of the day for approximately 4 hours.

Intro Plus

Designed as a continuation from our Introductory holidays. Expect to ski on a mixture of flat and more undulating terrain, all on prepared trails. Participants will continue to develop their cross country ski technique to enable them to travel over a variety of terrain. Time will be spent working on the control of speed, to descend different angled slopes, working towards mastering a good snowplough and half snowplough on 'blue' level cross country slopes. Instruction at this level will also include plough turns. As the days progress, longer journeys are to be expected. Time on skis will be between 4-5 hours covering between 10-15km per day.


Expect to ski on a mix of both flat and rolling terrain all on prepared trails. You should have experienced at least two weeks of cross country skiing to join these trips. Improvements on technique will always be available but participants should have mastered the foundation of all the basic travelling techniques and be able to use a snowplough to stop//half snow plough to stop on a variety of angled slopes. We will be skiing on 'green and blue' trails as a minimum. We will ski some 'red' trails on these weeks. Skiers are expected to have a good level of fitness to ensure that they are comfortable with longer days, over a variety of terrain in winter conditions. On our point-to-point trips you will be expected to carry a small day pack. Time on skis will be about 5 hours per day covering approximately 15-25km per day.


These holidays are designed for those that can confidently get on their skis and go! Once you have warmed up and found your ski legs, theses journeys will increase in length daily and will include more strenuous terrain. Participants should be able to ski at a good pace over a variety of terrain and have mastered a controlled snow plough and plough turn for any steeper descents. You should be able to ski 'red' cross country ski trails with ease. Due to the distances and potential weather met along the way a certain level of self-sufficiency is expected on these trips. It is possible that these tours may encounter sections of 'untracked' snow or old prepared trails, therefore making the distance covered more strenuous. Further tuition will be given at these stages if required. You should be at a very good fitness level and be able to ski approximately 6 hours / 20-30km per day whilst carrying a daypack.

Advanced Plus

Advanced Plus is our highest level cross country ski holiday. At this grade, expect the same as our 'Advanced' trips plus a little more of everything! This means that distance, height gain, time on skis could be extended due to the terrain and reliability of the snow and conditions. You should be at a high level of fitness and be able to ski for 6-7 hours / 25-35km per day whilst carrying a rucksack. A certain level of self-sufficiency is expected on these trips.

These distances are just a guideline and we suggest you check your chosen itinerary to ensure that your holiday insurance covers you for the altitude you will be skiing to and the relevant countries visited.

It is very important to us that you and the rest of a group enjoy their chosen holiday. So if you have any questions at all about our grading or description of a trip please Contact Us for more information.